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Our advice for a perfect interview

We told you about retouching in a previous blog post, but what about maintenance? Today, we would like to bring you our experience in this procedure in order to guide...

We told you about retouching in a previous blog post , but what about maintenance? Today, we would like to bring you our experience in this procedure in order to guide you as best as possible and allow you to carry out your interviews in complete safety.

The monthly maintenance of your hair supplement is an important step for fixing your prosthesis but also for its longevity. It allows you to clean your supplement of hair glue residues but also to maintain your skull to allow you a new fixation for several weeks.

During this step, the professional also takes the opportunity to perform a treatment to make your hair soft and supple. However, we know that it is sometimes difficult for some of you to call on a BYSIX partner salon due to the distance. We don't want this to be a drag on the hair supplement solution. We remind you all the same that it is preferable to call on a professional in order to avoid many surprises.

The necessary equipment

To start, you will need a hair solvent, paper towels, an application brush or an applicator brush (depending on your preference), but also essence C, then your usual hair resin .

You can order most of these products directly from the online store:

Removal of the hair prosthesis

Removal of hair supplement

Slightly lift your front edge by gently spraying the hair remover on it. Using a paper towel, pat the uncovered area lightly so that the product does not drip onto your face. Repeat the operation until your prosthesis is completely removed. Once this step is complete, you will see a slightly yellowed area, know that this is completely normal. It is for this reason that it is important to carry out the interviews.

Skin cleansing

Skin cleansing hair supplement

Now let's get to your skin! You can apply hair solvent to the entire area then leave on for 2 to 3 minutes. As with your hair supplement, you will need to shampoo the first time to clean your skull of hair glue residue. You also have the option of applying a specific treatment if your skin has some redness. Our users generally appreciate menthol exfoliating shampoos.

Area shave

It could not be easier. You just have to follow the same path, made a month earlier by your hair technician, using a trimmer without a comb so that the hair is shaved as short as possible. Many of you ask us if it is possible to perform this step with a razor. In order to avoid itching or irritation, it is not advisable to use a razor.

Now is the time to make sure there is no hair left and for that a second shampoo will do the trick.

It is important that your base as well as your skull are completely dry before applying the hair resin. Our tip? The hairdryer ! In order to speed up the process, use the hair dryer on the base of your complement but also on your skull at medium temperature.

Hair prosthesis cleaning

Hair supplement cleaning

Immerse the entire hair supplement in gasoline C.

This method allows the base of the supplement to rest in the product and will allow you a more simplified cleaning. Be careful, however, not to leave your prosthesis for more than two minutes because the product will then have the opposite effect and will grease the base as well as the hair. Then shampoo the prosthesis several times in order to remove the essence C and the residues of hair glue. I also invite you to apply a nourishing and moisturizing treatment to make your hair silky and thus allow safe detangling.

Application of hair resin

Hair glue drying

If you wish, you can first apply the skin preparer which will absorb perspiration and prevent it from coming into contact with the hair resin. Apply it directly to your skin around the contour of the area. For the skin preparer to be effective, let it dry for about two minutes. Once the product is dry, you can then apply two coats of hair resin, respecting a drying time of several minutes between coats.

For optimal hold, it is important that your hair resin has become completely transparent before applying the second layer. When you have finished the application, you can finally move on to placing the prosthesis. To do this, place your hair complement in front of you to start with your front line. Then go up gently towards the back of your skull while stretching well from left to right.

If you perform the pose alone, we advise you to use a double mirror in order to have a precise visual of your gestures.

Once the hair complement has been applied, it is essential to apply strong pressure so that the hair resin and the base are perfectly fixed.

It is true that this procedure can be scary and we fully understand it, it is for this reason that we remind you that in case of doubt, it is best to call on a professional . Do not hesitate if necessary, to consult our various videos to help you better understand the installation of the hair supplement.

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