Means of payment

On the BYSIX site, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal (with or without an account), Bancontact, JCB. For more information on payment security, you can check out this help center article . PayPal is not available for bespoke garments.

Payment by transfer for B2B customers : When you choose payment by bank transfer, you will immediately receive an e-mail with the complete procedure to enable you to transfer from account to account. It is important to scrupulously respect these indications so that the processing of your order begins quickly.


Alma, payment in installments:

Installment/deferred payment is available through our partner Alma. Payment security is provided by Alma and its service providers. All payments are protected by 3D Secure.

Amount of purchases:

  • P2X: Only purchases between €50 and €2,000 are eligible for payment with Alma.
  • P3X: Only purchases between €50 and €2,000 are eligible for payment with Alma.

Costs :

By paying in installments with Alma, the Customer does not pay any fees. Except for the following cases:

  • P2X: No charge
  • P3X: 0.5% per transaction

Alma is the electronic payment manager and issues an electronic certificate which will serve as proof of the amount and date of the transaction in accordance with the provisions of articles 1316 and following of the Civil Code.


Any termination of the T&Cs that bind the Seller and the customer results in the termination of the T&Cs between Alma and the customer.


BYSIX will not be able to inform you about your payment on credit and will not be held responsible for any problems related to this financing. A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.