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Your hair prosthesis in summer

In summer, we tend to sweat profusely due to high temperatures and exposure to the sun. It is therefore important to ensure that you have chosen the correct fixing method....

Take out your sunscreen, summer is here!

We are all looking forward to this summer period which is good for morale. It's time for evenings on the terrace, weekends by the sea, and holidays for most of us.

However, we know that this period is also a source of stress for those who wear a hair prosthesis. We want to give you some tips to make this season profitable for everyone.

Optimal fixing

In summer, we tend to sweat profusely due to high temperatures and exposure to the sun. It is therefore important to ensure that you have chosen the correct fixing method. Hair glue or adhesive strips? It's hard to choose for you! Everyone is different so the choice is yours.

At BYSIX, we have a strong preference for hair glue, even in summer. Because the hold is generally better and this type of product does not add thickness to the membrane of your prosthesis. It is therefore more comfortable.

However, be careful when choosing your glue. Make sure that the mention "water resistance" is present in the product description, because a powerful hair glue is not necessarily resistant to water or perspiration. It is better to opt for a hair glue that is light but perfectly resistant.

The Power full hair glue has proven itself on this subject! It is water-repellent and therefore remains fixing even in contact with water. Like all products, unfortunately it cannot satisfy all of our users, so we also recommend Ghost Bond Platinum. It is less powerful and is not water repellent, but it is still quite water resistant. We generally do not recommend Ghost Bond XL hair glue, because its water resistance is very low, so if you plan to install your prosthesis before leaving on vacation, avoid this product.

It's quite rare that we get negative feedback about wig attachment, but some users may experience some attachment issues in the summer. In this case, we recommend adhesive strips, which are a real alternative to glue. The only downside will be the thickness, as the strips will add a slight bulk to your base. If the undetectable result doesn't matter much to you, then feel free to opt for this fixing method.

In case of excessive and acid sweating, you can combine hair glue and adhesive strips. The outfit will be extreme.

A few tips to optimize your binding

  1. Anticipate your interview. If your departure on vacation is scheduled in a week, allow at least 48 hours between your interview and your departure. During this time, avoid heavy sweating.

  2. During the first 48 hours after installation or maintenance, do not wash your hair. When the installation has just been carried out, the hair glue continues to act for almost 2 days. By washing your hair during this time, you will weaken the attachment and you may notice a very rapid detachment.

  3. Do not exert tension on your hair. When the installation has just been carried out, we do not recommend tensioning at the front edge. The product takes some time to be fully effective on contact with your skin. The fact of exerting a tension, even slight, on the level of the membrane, will not allow you to hold several weeks without retouching.

  4. Wash your hair frequently. You might think that washing your hair often could sensitize the hair glue, however it is rather recommended. Excess sebum on the front edge will lead to early detachment of your prosthesis, because the sebum is very acidic. We recommend shampooing every 2 to 3 days.

Take care of your hair

Keeping the hair healthy is essential in order to prolong the life of the prosthesis. Although all of our prostheses are natural hair, caring for your hair is an important point for its good longevity, especially in summer when exposure to the sun and chlorine are factors that can dry out your hair.

It is now possible to find a large number of hair products in supermarkets. Liquid shampoo, dry shampoo, conditioner, mask or leave-in treatment. Which products to choose? What are they really worth? Here are our tips!

The shampoo

Macadamia Shampoo

It is important to choose the right type of shampoo for the hair of the supplement because the hair being implanted in a base, it is essential to provide it with all the nutrients it needs. Using a moisturizing and/or nourishing shampoo will allow your hair to retain its suppleness and softness. Therefore favor shampoos with keratin, avocado oil or even argan oil for a better result.

Shampoos for oily hair, dry shampoos or natural sulphate-free shampoos should be avoided because they will dry out the hair, create knots and make your hair rough. Result ? Unaesthetic rendering and early hair loss that will make you change your supplement much more quickly.

The Macadamia and collagen shampoo which is currently available from our online store, will deeply nourish your hair. This shampoo will soften your hair to make it supple and lively.

Our tip: Make 2 shampoos! The 1st quick shampoo removes dirt and cleans thoroughly. The second shampoo moisturizes the hair and takes advantage of the product's nourishing active ingredients.

The hair mask

macadamia hair mask

It is recommended to perform a hair mask once a week to boost the hydration of the hair. The Macadamia hair mask, for example, will provide everything your hair needs, and possibly fill in the gaps present following the different shampoos.

In order to allow an optimal result, it is advisable to gently wring your hair after the shampoo, to apply the treatment on all of your hair then to let it act for a few minutes. You can then simply rinse your hair with plain water.

Leave-in treatment

Macadamia and collagen sprayMacadamia Nourishing Fluid7th Element Bi-Phase Spray

Leave-in treatments help to coat your hair and give another facet to hair care. To be applied to damp hair, this treatment deeply nourishes your hair. Do not hesitate to add this product to your hair routine, it will only be beneficial.

Macadamia leave-in spray effectively detangles and deeply restructures hair for instant shine. This mask in the form of a spray is a true concentrate of collagen, which fills in the gaps and restructures the hair for radiant, healthier and visibly stronger hair.

The nourishing fluid from the Macadamia range is a serum that will allow the hair of the supplement to be nourished daily. This will therefore deeply hydrate the hair but will also gain it in order to avoid possible split ends.

The Bi-Phase moisturizer has already won unanimous approval from a large number of our users. A moisturizing treatment that can be used every day and which detangles and hydrates your hair. It acts in depth which keeps your hair supple without weighing it down. However, avoid using it on dry hair so as not to reverse the moisturizing power. Prefer use on damp hair.


Mulato hair prosthesis sun protection oil

Sesame oil from Mulato is an oil of 100% natural ingredients that will be a real boost for your hair because in addition to moisturizing and nourishing it, it will also protect it from the sun's rays and will therefore delay lightening of your hair caused by UV rays. Your hair will then be protected, fortified and radiant.

Remember that it is important to rinse your hair when you get out of the pool, as the chlorine will tend to thin and dry out your hair.

monthly maintenance

The fixing time is approximately 3 to 5 weeks depending on the user. A period during which your scalp will have retained the hair complement as well as the residues of your fixing method. This is why applying a hair scrub before your shampoo will deeply cleanse your skin and oxygenate the scalp.

If you do the monthly maintenance yourself, be aware that we recommend removing the residue of hair glue present on your skull using a neutral shampoo.

"Why not use the same shampoo as for the hair of the complement?" Well, simply because nourishing shampoos can leave a thin oily film on your skin, which may affect the effectiveness of your fixing method. The neutral shampoo will effectively clean hair glue residue gently for clean and healthy skin.

You now have all the basics to take care of your new hair during the summer and optimize your fixation. If you want to find our different hair products and treatments offered in our online store, I invite you to click on this link!

The whole BYSIX team wishes you a great summer 🌞

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