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Our made-to-measure service offers you a completely personalized solution. We use high quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to create the hair prosthesis that meets your requirements.

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Product information

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Treat yourself to a tailor-made solution with our personalized manufacturing of hair prostheses for a natural look that suits you.

action sur cheveux

We use the highest quality materials to create natural-looking prostheses, for an incomparable result.

diplôme coiffure

Our expert technicians combine meticulousness and know-how to create custom-made hair prostheses of superior quality.

confection sur-mesure

Setup Help

Setting up a tailor-made garment can be complex, so we provide you with detailed help for each option offered.

Choice of model

Ultra HD model: You can choose the standard Ultra HD or the Ultra HD Plus. The difference lies in the thickness of the base which is 0.03mm for standard Ultra HD and 0.05mm for Ultra HD Plus.

Note: The standard Ultra HD (0.03mm) cannot support a density beyond 100%. If you wish to opt for a higher density, it will be necessary to direct you to the Plus model.

Micro HD model: You can choose the standard Micro HD or the Micro HD Plus. The difference lies in the thickness of the base which is 0.07mm for the standard Micro HD and 0.07mm for the Micro HD Plus.

Note: The Micro HD models do not allow you to obtain an undetectable result in the frontal line due to the thickness of the membrane.

Type of lace

French lace: French tulle is slightly rougher than Swiss tulle.

Swiss lace: Swiss tulle is the most appreciated for its softness and finesse.

The difference between the two types of tulle is very slight, almost invisible to the naked eye.

Hair length

The minimum length is 15 centimeters. You can choose a longer length (20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm).

Our technicians do not perform haircuts during tailor-made tailoring. We recommend opting for a length of 15cm even in the case of a short haircut.

Choice of color

I send a lock of hair: This option allows you to place an order and send your lock afterwards.

Shade according to the wick sent: If you have already made a custom order, you can select this option. The technicians will take your previous wick into account for your new confection.

Custom creation: This option will be useful if your shade is not offered in our color chart. Our team will then have to proceed with the personalized creation of your color. This option will be paid for during your first confection. The shade will be kept and can be used again for your future orders.

Darkroot: By choosing this color option, you opt for a gradient of 2 shades. For example, dark roots (#1B) and light lengths (#613). You can choose the size of the root, for example for a hair length of 15cm = approximately 3cm of roots and 12cm of length.

Other color: This option is generally useful for professionals. We will not accept mentions of colorimetry (dark brown, chestnut, blond) or (mixture of blond and chestnut) or (light and dark balayage). We offer colors with many different shades that are not part of the standard colorimetry, these mentions will therefore be incomprehensible to our technicians.

The density

It is important to choose the density of your hair supplement carefully, because if it is too high it can bring an unnatural effect. Densities over 50% are considered very light, 80% light, and 100% light/normal density.

Densities beyond 130% are not really recommended for men because they are very full and are therefore more suitable for women.

We have the possibility of offering you a different density on certain areas of the hair. This allows you, for example, for the front line to have a less dense effect and therefore to reproduce identically a natural implantation.

If you don't want to go for a different density on the hairline, you can choose "same as overall density".

The White hairs

The percentage goes from 5% to 5%, we do not accept variants such as 12%, 61%.

No white hair : This means that you don't want to add white to your standard color.

Synthetic fiber : Choosing synthetic fiber will allow you not to have to perform yellowing treatment. White hair may tend to yellow over time. With the synthetic fiber, the color will remain the same throughout the use of your hair prosthesis.

Natural : Beyond 50% white hair, we strongly recommend opting for natural (white) hair, as the texture may be less pleasant.

Our synthetic fiber is not "synthetic hair", it is a high quality fiber that can be heated to 180°C and washed like natural hair.

Layout style

For the manufacture of your tailor-made complement, you have the possibility of choosing the style of implementation. This allows you to create your favorite movement.

Freestyle: This style of implantation is the most appreciated, because it allows all possible hairstyles. You can create a combed / disheveled effect, completely lift the hair up, but also create a parting in the center or on the side. We generally recommend this style of implementation.

Backward: As the name suggests, this style allows for a backwards implantation for perfect movement if you only want to style your hair with your hair up. It's best to go freestyle instead if you happen to smash your hair across your forehead.

Front edge

You have the option of choosing different shapes of borders, so as to obtain a result close to your original front layout.

In the case of a confection according to imprint, the front border will be that of your imprint.

Ripple type

We offer several different waves, ranging from "almost smooth" to "afro". You can choose the wave that suits you the most and that will give a totally exceptional result. It is also possible to reproduce the effect you want based on a photo. If you have straight hair, we advise you to choose very slightly wavy hair, which will give a more natural effect than completely straight hair.

The dimensions

Standard size: It is 20 x 25cm (width x length) and is generally suitable for all of our users. A cut must be made before installation.

Making according to a new impression: This option allows you to send us your new impression so that our technicians can make the mold for your prosthesis. The use of an imprint will be essential if your measurements exceed the standard size (20 x 25cm).

BYSIX already owns the imprint: If you have already placed an old order with an imprint, this option will be useful and will allow you not to finance the creation costs for a new imprint.

I know my measurements: For this option, it is important to know your length and width measurements perfectly. The manufacturing will be done according to these measurements and the size cannot be modified once the confection has been launched. It is therefore important to pay particular attention if you choose this option.

Oversize: If your measurements exceed 20 x 25cm, it will be necessary to opt for a total hair replacement. For this, a fingerprint will be systematically requested in order to avoid errors.

Special demands

The "Special requests" box allows you to add a particular request to your made-to-measure garment. Depending on your requests, our team may contact you to adapt your tailoring or the price of your hair prosthesis.

Remember that the indications present in this comment space may not be respected. We mainly take into account the initial form of your tailor-made confection.

Create a hair system that looks like you!

ondulation cheveux


Thanks to the tailor-made tailoring, you can define your own wave ranging from totally smooth to afro texture.

color ring chart


The possibilities are limitless for creating your color. Choose a standard shade or customize your shades.

extension cheveux


You can opt for a hair length beyond 15cm depending on the result you want to achieve.

prothèse capillaire fixation

Front edge

We offer different front edge shapes to match all of our users.

Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
D. (France)
De qualité

Complément de qualité, couleur et pourcentage de cheveux blanc, très bien réalisé. Résistant. Ne pas oublier le produit au collagène pour coiffer plus facilement.
Attention aux délais de livraison. 2 semaines de retard sur la dernière commande et j'ai du relancer sinon aucune nouvelle.

n.p. (France)

Top du top .je suis client depuis 4 ans et ça a changé ma vie. Produit de qualité et je recommande à tout le monde

U.D. (France)

Selon ma longue expérience Bysix propose le meilleur complément capillaire du moment .

A.H. (Belgium)
La confection sur-mesure est un bon compromis

J’ai été déçu par les premières prothèses en stock commandées. La densité des cheveux blancs ne correspondait pas à ma couleur de cheveux (trop foncé ou trop clair).
J’ai donc opté pour la confection sur-mesure qui - moyennant une relative augmentation de prix - a permis de s’approcher de la couleur naturelle de mes cheveux (#3.55 ou #3.60).
Le sur-mesure est également intéressant car il offre la possibilité d’insérer des cheveux blancs synthétiques qui limitent l’effet de jaunissement.

A.M. (Canada)
3eme Complément

Toujours aussi satisfait ☺️ excellente qualité!