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New range of care

The maintenance of the hair supplement is an essential point to keep hair supple and healthy, but did you know that to prolong the life of your hair supplement, it...

The maintenance of the hair supplement is an essential point to keep hair supple and healthy, but did you know that to prolong the life of your hair supplement, it is important, among other things, to use the right hair products?

Using hair products that are not suitable for the hair can actually have the opposite effect and dry it out instead of nourishing and hydrating it. This is why we have decided to market our own hair products to allow you to obtain a complete routine, without missteps!

Here are the different products that you can already find in our online store:

Purity, the moisturizing shampoo

BYSIX purity shampoo

The shampoo is the basis of hair maintenance, so it is important that it is perfectly adapted to the hair supplement. For that, nothing like a shampoo based on argan oil and jojoba!

Our Purity shampoo doesn't stop there, since it also contains active ingredients that will make the hair soft and deeply hydrated. It is therefore perfect to gently cleanse the hair of the complement while restructuring the hair fiber.

For optimal results, we recommend shampooing several times a week, making light circular movements from the back of the insert to the front to avoid tension in the hairline. We also advise to carry out 2 shampoos per wash, because the first application will wash your hair in depth, then the second will be useful for the intense hydration of your hair.


Intensity, our hydrating mask

BYSIX hair mask

The Intensity mask is a combination of argan, macadamia and linseed oil. This product is essential because it will help boost the hydration necessary for immediately healthier hair.

This treatment is to be performed at least once a week but you can also apply it according to the needs of your hair. For the application, nothing more simple since it is enough to apply a few hazelnuts on your hair, to let act a few minutes, then to rinse with clear water.

This step is a real plus to optimize the life of the hair supplement. If to date, you are not used to applying a hair mask, I strongly urge you to add this step to your routine.


Prodigy, the Moisturizing Balm

BYSIX moisturizing balm

What is a moisturizing balm? It is a leave-in conditioner to be applied to slightly damp hair, which will continue to hydrate your hair throughout the day.

Its moisturizing and nourishing formula will make your hair much softer thanks to the natural oil extracted from grape seeds. Know that if you make a hairstyle daily, this product can be applied before your hairstyle. This will not alter the rendering in any way.

This hair care is available in two formats, 100ml for daily use, and 250ml for intensive use (generally reserved for professionals).


Gravity, the styling wax

BYSIX styling wax

When we talk about hair routine, styling is also part of it since it is natural hair on all of our hair prostheses. The use of styling products is then completely authorized.

As its name suggests, the GRAVITY styling wax will give movement to your hairstyle without making it greasy or weighing it down. This wax has been designed to hold your hairstyle all day long.

This one is to be applied like all styling waxes, you just have to heat a hazelnut between your hands then, to sculpt your hair according to your desires and voila. For extreme fixation, you can also finish your hairstyle with a fixing spray.


These different hair products have been tested internally for several months and have received very good reviews from our users. We therefore hope that you will be just as satisfied with the arrival of this new range.

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