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Star prosthesis!

You may not know it yet, but many stars suffer from baldness and use this method already known to all. Today we give you some examples of celebrities, of which...

You may not know it yet, but many stars suffer from baldness and use this method already known to all. Today we give you some examples of celebrities, of which you (perhaps) did not suspect the wearing of the hair prosthesis.

David Copperfield

Undetectable Complement

He is one of the most successful magicians of all time. Singer, dancer and illusionist, he is hired for a television series in his name: "the magic of David Copperfield". Notably known for his spectacular escape numbers, he combines staging, sound and light play but also sensuality, giving viewers and his many fans the illusion and the dream of a complete show. A statue in her likeness was created at the "Madame Tussaud" museum in London.

We notice that the lack of hair at the level of the golfs is very pronounced. This area has been filled in well and he wanted to keep a good density, a little too much for our taste because the rendering does not look really natural.

John Travolta

Star hair supplement

Is it still necessary to present it? Actor, singer, dancer and producer in the cinema, he became famous thanks in particular to his hips in the film "Saturday night fever" or the action film "Pulp Fiction" which earned him the Oscar for best actor. Let's be honest! Who has never made their hand gesture trying to comb their hair with an imaginary comb? We have all danced in the evening to the famous song from the movie Grease "You're The One That I Want".

Marked by a very pronounced baldness, you can see that the change is rather drastic. He opted for a hair complement with a fairly straight front line and a certain length in order to be able to perform a slight movement. A rather successful result.

Elton John

Male baldness

Elton John is a British singer, pianist and composer. With nearly fifty years of career, he has sold more than 300 million records. The interpreter of "I'm Still Standing" ranked in 2008 as the most successful male solo artist.

Often criticized for his extravagant styles, Elton John never ceased to surprise us with offbeat looks, without ever taking himself seriously.

From the age of 30, he began to lose his hair at the level of the frontal line which revealed a large forehead and rather clear golfs, the choice of a hair supplement allowed him to give way to good density and length more important, which suits him very well.

Hugh Laurie

Male hair loss

Let's talk about our crankiest doctor on TV. Hugh Laurie, known for his character in "Doctor House", a role for which he won the Golden Globe for best actor in 2006 and 2007. Also a singer and pianist, he is part of a group which consists of several actors and which has for the purpose of helping charities. An unpleasant doctor with a big heart!

Very thin hair and cut quite short so as not to show her hair loss and baldness on top. The choice of hair supplement was necessary because it allowed her to regain density and a nice length.

Enrique Iglesias

hair loss hair solution

Eh yes ! The Spanish singer also suffers from baldness. Known for his music and his many albums, he won the revelation of the year at the World Music Awards followed a year later by a Grammy Awards. Enrique Iglesias released numerous albums and had success with stars of all categories such as Nicole Scherzinger, Pitbull and Gente de zona... He had hits and concerts, but also played small roles in several films and series.

Since he was 20 years old, baldness has been a problem for him and he resorted to hair supplements very quickly. Now 44 years old, his hair has never changed, always so dense and flawless, how is that possible? You finally have the answer! That's probably why you didn't suspect it. He kept a nice density as well as some length on top so that he could achieve a forward hairstyle that suits him very well.

Chuck Norris

BYSIX hair prosthesis

First known as a martial artist but also seven times world champion in karate, he will become for 8 years, the favorite sheriff that everyone knows in the hit television series "Walker, Texas Ranger". Thanks to his art and his fascinating flexibility, he will make several commercials and several action films like "Expendables 2" which brings together the greatest actors like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham or Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Chuck Norris remains, despite his career, also affected by baldness. The hair prosthesis allows him to fill his temples/golfs to regain a length that he lets fall in order to hide his forehead. In his case, an Ultra HD would allow him to obtain a more natural result :)

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