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Our advice for the summer

As the song says so well, it's summer! Summer is here ! The heat is finally back. Sea, swimming pool and tanning... And your hair prosthesis then? Summer is the...

As the song says so well, it's summer! Summer is here ! The heat is finally back. Sea, swimming pool and tanning… And your hair prosthesis then?
Summer is the most worrying season for many of you. Could I bathe? Is heat a risk of detachment for my hair supplement? Do not panic ! After all, it's summer... :)

It is true that for many people summer means holidays and therefore a way to breathe, while for others it is total panic, especially if you are new to hair supplements and want to make the first pose before your departure. In this summer heat, which is rather excessive this year, it is important to take the right steps before and during your vacation. Know that it is strongly advised to perform the pose several days before your departure, because it is important not to wash your hair for 48 hours and to avoid heavy perspiration during this same time, which is not easy when we're on vacation let's face it!

This delay will also allow you to make some adjustments to your binding if necessary. So you can enjoy it more serenely.

Heat and perspiration complement BYSIX

Start by adapting your fixing method first! Sweating during your vacation is inevitable so do not hesitate to apply a skin preparer before your hair glue so that it absorbs as much sebum as possible to allow your hair resin to play its role to the maximum. For optimal hold of your supplement, do not hesitate to seek advice from your hair prosthetist who will be able to advise you as best as possible. Also have all your products with you, this will allow you to practice a touch-up if necessary.

Know that at BYSIX we have a secret that we unfortunately cannot reveal to you in its entirety at the moment, but very soon, don't worry! All I can tell you is that we are testing, on several of our users, an antiperspirant (among others) which will soon replace Max Hold Sport. And be aware that, so far, this has proven to be more than positive since it has made it possible to extend the holding of the front edge by several weeks without carrying out any alterations. But for that, still a little patience :)

On vacation, if the hold of your hair prosthesis is important to you, well, the hair should be just as important because it will determine the look of your hairstyle and will prolong the life of your prosthesis. . Many of you ask us if swimming in the sea or in the swimming pool is possible, know that this is obviously authorized. It is still recommended to rinse them with clean water to prevent the salt from drying out your hair. Now that you are reassured, let's move on to care . It is true that the sun brightens and brings out the highlights you have in your hair. If you have a hair supplement with white hair, be aware that in summer they will be more likely to display yellow reflections. White hair has the particularity of being devoid of melanin, a component which plays a major role in the hair pigmentation process but which also has the role of protecting the hair fiber from external aggressions (such as pollution, heat, sea ​​salt, the rays of the sun…). Being more fragile against UV rays, white hair is therefore more likely to become dry, rough and yellow. You can therefore during this summer period, opt for repigmenting treatments to restore your hair to its original color. It is also a good idea to apply conditioners and apply moisturizing and nourishing masks to your lengths to provide resistance to the heat.

Now that you have all the cards in hand, don't wait any longer and make the most of summer. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter in order to be notified of BYSIX news to come. And believe me, you will be surprised!

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