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The trendy roots effect

Well, there it is ! Winter is back, the holidays are over and we are starting a new year. What if we took the opportunity to change hair color and...

Well, there it is ! Winter is back, the holidays are over and we are starting a new year. What if we took the opportunity to change hair color and go original by choosing a tailor-made root effect hair supplement?

What is this ?

For those who are not yet familiar with this "Dark Root" effect, the principle is to have a dark root in order to reveal a length of lighter color. This will create a very trendy contrast. Just like the gray color, more and more users decide to break the codes of the perfect hair.

For who ?

The root effect is making a lot of noise! Some would say it looks sloppy, but others will say it's the trend of the year. Moreover, more and more men and women are opting for this style.

Whether you are blonde, red, brown, extroverted, fashion-forward, or rather understated, this style matches any look.

This also allows a multitude of possibilities in terms of the choice of color, so vary the pleasures and dare to mix colors! Let your imagination run wild...

Which length ?

Fleece color hair complement

Need hairstyle ideas for the root effect?

- The Pompadour hairstyle, short on the sides and long on the top for a voluminous style. Vintage effect guaranteed!

- The Quiff allows you to work the hair on the height for a more relaxed effect. It can be worn with both short and long sides.

- The Undercut style with the sides shaved white and a length on the top of about 9-10 cm for a chic/casual effect.

Depending on your tastes and desires, these hairstyles will perfectly match your new color.

How to obtain this effect with a hair supplement?

To obtain the "Tye and die" result, you can go to our online store to choose the tailor-made hair supplement that suits you and fill in the options available to you. In the drop-down menu of your color option, simply indicate the shade you want in roots and enter in "additional comments" the shade you want in lengths. Do not hesitate to rent our color chart or go to one of our partner salons to choose the color code for your lengths. Below, an overview of the root effect on a hair supplement.

How to fix the hairstyle?

Complementary root effect

Our team has been testing a new lacquer for several months. With its elegant look, it is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, the Infinium hairspray will perfectly suit your new hairstyle. Soon marketed, do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of the new arrival. We also recommend the Magic Fix spray or the Hair sculptor.

In summary

If like us, you want changes and novelties for this new year, don't wait any longer, dare the roots effect for a different style. A trendy color on a worked hairstyle, you are ready to face the winter!

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