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Tips for the summer

If you are wearing a hair supplement, you are probably wondering what you should do this summer to optimize the hold of your hair and take the right steps to...

If you wear a hair supplement , you are probably wondering what you should do this summer to optimize the hold of your hair and take the right steps to keep your hair soft.

Rest assured ! It is not necessary to use more products than you use daily. You just need to know the right gestures and anticipate long trips of several weeks.

Discover our advice to allow you to be serene and relaxed during your holidays.

Maintain your supplement before you leave

If you are flying to your destination on Saturday, the best thing is to maintain your prosthesis on Thursday... Concretely 48 hours before your departure, remember to clean your hair supplement to allow the resin to be perfectly fixing and to guarantee you a fixation period of several weeks.

If you call on one of our professionals, we also recommend that you anticipate when making an appointment, because don't forget that during the summer holiday periods the crowds are generally higher. Contact your hairdresser at least two weeks before the appointment to be sure that it is available.

Choose the right binding

We can never tell you enough, the choice of hair glue is essential. Remember that each user is different and that you must adapt the binding to your daily life.

Generally, most of our users highly appreciate Ghost Bond Platinum because it allows for 3+ weeks fixation. You can also opt for the Ultra Hold which is the strongest hair glue in order to apply it only on your frontal border.

If your usual hairdresser does not use the hair glues that we recommend, do not hesitate to bring your products to him during your interview.

Wash your hair daily

It may seem logical to you, but washing your hair daily is very important! Some users believe that washing their hair frequently will reduce the duration of their prosthesis attachment. Quite the contrary! We recommend washing your hair every two days to remove excess sebum from your front edge. Have you ever noticed that your front edge looks shiny after several days? It is actually excess sebum. Once you wash and dry your hair, that front line becomes matte again.

This will allow you to optimize the fixing of your hair supplement.

Rinse your hair

After a few dips in the pool, it is best to quickly rinse your hair to simply remove the chlorine. The same goes for sea water. This will ensure that you don't dry out your add-in hair and retain the softness.

You can also use UV spray to prevent unwanted fading or glare. We recommend the use of a repigmenting treatment when you return from vacation to cancel out unwanted reflections. You can order the Mulato repigmenting treatment from our online store .

Plan for your touch-ups

If you are lucky and you are going on a trip for more than two weeks this summer, then do not hesitate to plan your bottle of hair glue in a small format. This will allow you in a few minutes to touch up your front edge and avoid stress.

You can order your hair glues from the shop .

If you would like advice on how to carry out your touch-up, do not hesitate to contact us or make an appointment with one of our partner salons.

You are now ready to leave the summer in peace!

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