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The advantages and disadvantages of the supplement

It is quite normal for you to wonder what the advantages and disadvantages of the hair supplement are. Despite a daily complex, many of you still find it difficult to...

It is quite normal for you to wonder what the pros and cons of hair supplements are. Despite a daily complex, many of you still find it difficult to take the leap and get started in a field that you don't know or know very little about. Baldness, whether caused by heredity or linked to daily stress, choose between shaving your hair or wearing a prosthesis, it remains difficult. Today, we give you the advantages and disadvantages of the hair supplement. I hope that this article will bring you the answers to the questions that, perhaps, you still ask yourself.


Immediate effect

Wearing the hair supplement is a safe and undetectable way to regain hair in an instant. Very different from the hair implant which is a less pleasant and very expensive surgery and which does not guarantee results. Today, BYSIX is trying to breathe new life into the field of hair supplements by bringing it youth and modernity. An exceptional quality of hair combining softness and shine but also durability and undetectability thanks to its many models . Everyone will therefore find shoes to suit them (or hair to their skull). This technique will also allow you to regain well-being andself-confidence , because you will again be able to achieve all the hairstyles you want.

No side effects

Some of you are wondering what the risks of hair supplements are and if it can have any impact on health. Know that unlike drugs against baldness, which are known to have many undesirable effects, the hair supplement will have no negative impact on you. Composed of 90% water and petroleum-free, the hair resin will be safe for your skin. However, we recommend carrying out an allergy test 48 hours before the first application, because each skin is different and it is important to ensure that your skin will not oppose this fixing method.

Unlimited choice

The advantage of the hair supplement is to have a multitude of options (color, wave, density, etc.). If you want to order a blonde hair prosthesis and then opt for brown on your next order, this is also possible and will save you from having to do a lot of coloring. You also have the possibility to choose between short or long hair but also straight or curly hair. Know that you can already choose the root effect (dark root) which has recently become very trendy. So do not hesitate and vary the pleasures!


The fear of novelty

The number one obstacle for every user is the fear of getting started. Is the hair supplement for me? What will I look like with a prosthesis? Will those around me see that it's not my hair? It is quite normal to ask these kinds of questions when you do not know this area. Despite a personal choice, the second fear is the gaze of others. Some do not wish to announce to those around them that they are wearing a hair supplement, quite simply for fear of being teased. People who are not affected by baldness may not understand the discomfort of some users. Know first of all that the way you look at yourself is more important than that of others, this is why, to assume your baldness and feel comfortable with wearing a hair prosthesis, get started only when you are ready to do so.

Head shaving

Losing your hair gradually is a shocking moment, but having to shave your head is just as shocking. It can also be difficult to conceive the shaving of the skull to pose the hair complement. However, this step remains inevitable. Shaving the area allows you to say goodbye to thinning hair to make way for your new hair. This will also allow optimal hold of your prosthesis thanks to the hair resin in direct contact with your skin. Be aware that shaving your head will have no impact on your current hair as it will grow back under the base of the hair add-on. It is also for this reason that it is important to carry out your monthly maintenance.

Maintaining your prosthesis

Monthly maintenance can also be an inconvenience, but be aware that a well-maintained prosthesis allows for an extended lifespan. It is therefore first of all important to take care of it daily by using, for example , nourishing and moisturizing shampoos to bring suppleness and shine to your hair. Do not hesitate to brush them gently morning and evening with a boar bristle brush. Don't be afraid to wash your hair 3-4 times a week to leave the hair clean and free of all residue. It is also very important to respect the maintenance deadline. Going to your hair prosthetist once a month will clean the base and refresh your skull, but above all will allow you to optimize the fixation by applying a new hair resin. Let's not forget that we secrete sebum and this can make your hairline shine. Maintaining your complement will therefore allow a clean and natural look.

As you will have noticed, wearing a hair supplement has no drawbacks, strictly speaking. You just have to be ready to accept this new change and this new look. Know that you can ask your hair technician to hide the mirror if looking at yourself is too difficult. Now that you are reassured (at least, I hope so), do not hesitate to join our BYSIX community to share with our users :)

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