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Approach 2021 serenely!

Here we are ! 2021 is finally here and a new year begins. This year more than the others, we have understood that good resolutions are essential to maintain balance...

Here we are ! 2021 is finally here and a new year begins. This year more than the others, we have understood that good resolutions are essential to maintain balance during this exceptional period that we have been experiencing for almost a year.

Following the closure of partner salons during periods of confinement, many of you had to do the poses and maintenance of your hair supplement yourself. And that's not easy, especially if you're new to supplementing. This is why in order to help you in this process, you can findfrom this post , the technique to carry out your maintenance at home.

Given the delay in restocking caused by the pandemic, it is important to take care of your complement. Because as we like to say, a healthy supplement leads to a longer life. This is why adopting the right gestures on a daily basis allows you to preserve your hair prosthesis as much as possible.

Daily care

What advice can we give you? It is very simple ! First of all, it is essential to take care of your hair. The hair being implanted directly in the base, it is important to nourish and hydrate it as much as possible.

Shampoo two to three times a week with a moisturizing and/or nourishing product such as the B-App keratin shampoo , which will deeply hydrate the hair. Let's not forget that keratin is one of the essential components of hair, so this will fill in the gaps for stronger and more resistant hair.

The Macadamia and collagen shampoo , which you can find in our online store, has just entered the flagship products necessary for your hair. This shampoo will nourish and soften the hair to make it healthier and livelier. It will also help retain the vibrancy of your color.

Remember that it is important to perform two shampoos in one! Whether it is a hair supplement or your own hair, when shampooing it is always advisable to apply the product in two parts. The first application will quickly clean the hair, then the second application will allow the moisturizing components to act and therefore benefit from all the benefits of your product.

Here are two examples of shampoos that you can find in our online store. You can also find a large number of products in supermarkets or at your usual hairdresser. In particular the shampoo from the Garnier brand, Ultra gentle range with avocado oil and Shea butter, which will intensely nourish and soften your hair. We also appreciate the "Hair food" range from Garnier ! The shampoo and banana care combo will allow your hair to obtain real lasting hydration.

Nourishing macadamia shampoo

To know :

I wanted to make an important clarification because with the hair prosthesis, certain shampoos are to be avoided , such as natural shampoos without sulphates and without silicone. It is very complex for those who do not wear a supplement, to switch to natural products because the hair will get very tangled during the first weeks. This is followed by long-term work with the various treatments to be provided (mask, oil bath, etc.) in order to restore shine to the hair.

This may seem strange to you because we would tend to move towards this type of shampoo. At BYSIX, all the products that we market or that we recommend are tested beforehand by a member of our team, who is also a supplement carrier. We therefore tested the natural shampoos and the feedback was unfortunately not positive. Hair impossible to disentangle despite the care provided, and a slight loss of hair following tension applied to the supplement to try to remove the knots. The situation was however quickly resolved by resuming a more "standard" routine.


As you have seen for almost a year, the global pandemic has had a strong impact on the hair supplement industry. Consequent out of stock , delay on tailor-made confections, certain models temporarily suspended, etc...

Restocking times also had to be extended, which is why we have set up a "waiting list" allowing all our users to receive a hair prosthesis within 15 to 40 days.

This is why anticipating the purchase of a hair prosthesis in advance is strongly recommended, especially during this delicate period because it will allow you to change quickly in the event of a problem with your supplement and will allow you to carry out a new order more serenely despite the delays.

We fully understand that this cannot be possible for all of our users, which is why we are committed to shipping your orders as quickly as possible despite the complexity of the situation.


Since the creation of the BYSIX brand, we have always been transparent about different situations. We are also updating our support so that you are informed of our news and the various new features in the online store. This is still going on and even more so since this pandemic period.

We understand that it can be frustrating to have no visibility as to the replenishment of stock or the progress of your orders, but know that our team works daily to provide the maximum number of solutions for our users. We produce a very large volume of standard and custom-made prostheses and most of our users receive their orders on time, however there may be some delays.

Know that you are not alone during this (long) period. An attentive team is at your side, whether through our customer service or at one of our partner salons. We will be happy to answer all your questions, and advise you as best as possible on the choice of hair accessories (change of model, color, etc.).

Two new partner salons will be announced very, very soon! So stay tuned :)

Once again, our whole team wishes you an excellent year 2021 filled with positivity and beautiful things...

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