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We give you some tips

As a supplement carrier, you may find yourself in sometimes delicate situations: The purchase of a hair prosthesis that is too dense, a color that does not match, or even...

As a supplement carrier, you may find yourself in sometimes delicate situations: The purchase of a hair prosthesis that is too dense, a color that does not match, or even a shiny frontal line. Today we would like to give you our tips to help you react as best as possible to these unforeseen events.

Hair lightening

You wear a hair supplement and you are delighted with this change! To be able to find hair immediately, to feel revived, to regain self-confidence, this is the goal of the hair supplement. One fine day (or maybe one night 🎶), you wash your shampoo and when drying you notice that the color has cleared up and no longer really matches the shade of your periphery.

What to do ? Going to your hairdresser will not be necessary because we have the solution! It is completely normal for the color of your hair prosthesis to change over time, especially for dark shades. If this happens to you, just use a treatment on all of your hair. To do this, take a repigmenting treatment of the corresponding shade, a comb and you're done! Spray a good amount of product on the comb and then apply all over your hair. Leave the treatment on for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water. There you go ! A complementary hair color like on the first day...

Detachment of the prosthesis

The main fear of our users is the detachment of the hair supplement. You are often told that wearing a prosthesis does not alter your daily life in any way and this is very true. However, it can sometimes happen that after improper handling or even following a fixing method incompatible with your routine, you may notice a slight detachment of your prosthesis. I assure you, you will never lose your hair!

Two options are available to you. Contact your hairdresser, without guarantee that it can accommodate you, or even carry out the touch-up yourself. For this, it is important to have at home the necessary emergency products, such as the Ghost Bond Platinum hair resin in touch-up format, as well as an applicator brush. I urge you to take a look at this article from our Help Center where we have detailed the different steps of retouching your front border. You can believe me, this article will totally help you in an emergency.

Hairline shine

It is sometimes possible that a shine occurs at the level of your frontal line. To avoid experiencing this situation, it is important to carry out your maintenance on time, according to the instructions of your prosthetist. If you notice this shine, it can also be due to different factors:

  • Your skin is oily due to excess sebum.
  • Your shampoos are not frequent enough.
  • Your hair resin is not suitable for your skin.
  • The drying time of your hair glue has not been respected.

If you have oily skin or acid perspiration, opt for a water-resistant hair resin instead. Shampoo frequently (3 to 4 times a week). Test different resins if your current one does not suit you, while scrupulously respecting the recommended drying times.

Density too high

The density is one of the essential points, because if it is too high, it can bring an unnatural effect to your final rendering. If you are not yet a carrier, you may be wondering why not opt ​​for a hair supplement with a high density. It is perfectly normal to want to find thick and full hair, however upon receipt, it may not suit you because it is important to opt for a density similar to your own hair.

You should also know that at BYSIX, we have a technique to allow you to reduce your density if you have made a bad choice when placing your order. A method that is certainly longer and more meticulous, but which will allow you to obtain the desired result. This is the hair removal of your frontal border. Plucking the hair of a hair prosthesis allows to reduce the density but also to create a more progressive rendering. To do this, you just need to gently remove the hair from your add-on using tweezers on the areas you want to make more transparent.

A few knots

Knots are the main cause of early density loss. They are created due to poorly hydrated hair or because they are not brushed regularly. To avoid this problem, it is advisable to use a boar bristle brush in the morning to remove the knots that have formed during the night, then in the evening to remove all the residue accumulated during the day. This brush gently detangles hair so it can breathe and feel relieved. Do not forget about hydration, because it helps to achieve suppleness and softness.

The emergency hair

Many of you carry out all the steps of the hair supplement yourself without going to a professional. It is for this reason that we always recommend having a hair in advance, which can be very useful in the event of mishandling. This advice will be particularly useful if you opt for tailor-made confections, because the creation times are several weeks. Upon receipt of the first hair supplement, some of our users plan to purchase the second, in order to avoid an awkward situation.

We are sure that these few little tips will help you on a daily basis and will allow you to apprehend the wearing of the supplement more serenely 😇

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