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From production to delivery

You know that at BYSIX, we are very transparent with our users, that's why today we want to explain to you in detail, the process from the validation of an...

You know that at BYSIX, we are very transparent with our users, that's why today, we want to explain to you in detail, the process from the validation of an order until the reception of your hair supplement .

Order confirmation

The first stage begins when we receive a new order. We start first by checking that it is correct and that there are no erroneous options. In case of doubt or incomprehension, we contact you in order to validate with you, the best option.

Know that if you want to order a hair supplement in stock but you doubt the color, sending a lock of hair around you is possible. So upon receipt, we validate the color ourselves when ordering. It is also possible for those who prefer to validate the color themselves, to rent our color chart directly via our online store.

For a tailor-made hair complement , you can send us an imprint so that you no longer have to cut when receiving your order. If you do not know which density to opt for or if you doubt the waviness, you have the possibility of sending us by e-mail , a photo model indicating the number of your order so that we can send it to the technicians. in charge of your confection, which will allow you to obtain an identical result.

The preparation

Do you know how a hair supplement is made?

It's actually a really complex process, especially if it's a custom-made hair supplement. The second step is creating the database. This will take about a week to be created depending on the size requested. The next step is to prepare the hair for implantation, depending on the choice of color. An equally complex process, since let's not forget that a density of 100% corresponds to approximately 100,000 hairs implanted one by one by hand and this without forgetting the stage of the permed hair depending on the wave style. . This step is very important, because it will have a strong impact on the final result.

The different locations

Now let's talk about the different types of implantation. To date, there are several techniques such as knots (single or double). This then consists of implanting the hair and tying it under the base for optimal hold.

The second technique, Vloop, allows a very natural rendering. This consists of implanting the hair in the base and then bringing it out on the other side.

Or the injection, which, as its name suggests, consists of injecting the hair directly into the base. In many cases, we combine the V-loop at the front edge to achieve this progressive effect, but also the knots on the rest of the hair complement, in order to minimize the loss of density and thus promote optimal rendering and durability. .

The manufacturing times

Production has finally started! But small downside, the wait!

We all have experience shopping online. When placing an order, you absolutely want to receive the products as soon as possible. Rest assured ! We are all the same.

For the stock, the shipment will obviously be faster. Count a shipping time of 48 hours for products and a maximum of 7 working days for a hair supplement. But it will take longer for a custom-made hair prosthesis (about 7 to 9 weeks). Please be aware that this is still an estimate and although we try to always meet the deadlines, there may be delays because the confection is entirely made by hand and not by machines. In addition, if you choose to cut your hair extension to the shape of your impression, it will take slightly longer.

The last check up

Once the hair supplement is finished, it is then taken care of by our shipping department for full control of it. The order will then be reviewed in detail to ensure that all options have been respected. The pattern, color, wave, etc. Everything goes, without exception!

Then comes the time to ship your order. The delivery is made according to the carrier of your choice. If you live in France, choosing the carrier Chronopost will guarantee delivery within 24 hours of dispatch. But you can also choose the carrier BPOST for delivery within 3 to 5 days. For our Belgian friends, our carrier guarantees systematic delivery within 24 hours free of charge.

Exchange or refund

It is also possible to exchange your hair supplements under certain conditions. Upon receipt you are not satisfied with it because it does not correspond to the idea that you have of the hair supplement. Unless we are mistaken, be aware that a tailor-made hair supplement is not refundable because it is made according to your wishes and cannot be resold. This is why it is important to choose the right options. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us or visit one of our partner salons in order to be guided as best as possible.

Concerning the hair supplements in stock, know that you can, within a maximum period of 14 days, return your prosthesis to us to make an exchange or to request a total refund, provided that the hair supplement is returned in its original packaging and that it is not subject to any degradation . In this case, the refund will then be made on the day of receipt of your prosthesis.

Now you know everything! The creation of a tailor-made hair supplement guarantees you a prosthesis made according to your choices and your desires, but will also take longer to arrive at your home, for many reasons as mentioned above. Know that our priority is to satisfy our users and that it is important for us to be completely transparent and attentive to our customers.

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