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BYSIX training in a nutshell

Seeing the title of this article, you tell yourself that this does not concern you. Well yes! Everything we do at BYSIX aims improve our services and our commitment to...

Seeing the title of this article, you tell yourself that this does not concern you. Well yes! Everything we do at BYSIX is aimed at improving our services and our commitment to you. This is why training will indirectly have an impact on you. See for yourself !

The purpose of the training

Many of you ask us why we don't have partner salons in certain localities (yours perhaps). Know that despite many partnership requests, we have several essential criteria before validation.

Why accept all requests at the risk of having negative feedback from our users? We fully understand that it can sometimes be difficult to find a hair technician near you, so that's where the partner salon BYSIX comes in. Professional hairdresser approved in the field of hair supplements, he will perfectly welcome you and advise you on the choice of your prosthesis or even validate your shade thanks to our color chart available on site.

He may, depending on demand, order your hair supplement directly via our online store , in order to facilitate your efforts.

The BYSIX Studio

This training is important for the BYSIX brand, because as you know, the satisfaction of our users is an essential point. This is the reason why we are so demanding in the way of handling the hair supplement or for the reception of our users. Wearing a hair prosthesis remains taboo for some, which is why we have a dedicated space to welcome you and perform your poses discreetly. At BYSIX we are very picky about the steps to follow. We offer free consultation appointments to help you with your choice, because we know better than anyone how difficult it can be to choose from so many models. We are therefore very demanding and always want the best, that's why every detail counts! And as the saying goes:

“A life is made up of details, but a detail can change a life. »

Who is it for?

The training is only reserved for hairdressing professionals with at least a CAP in the field. It takes place in the BYSIX studio in its beautiful dedicated space and allows you to become familiar with our hair supplement models and our working methods. For some, it will be an opportunity to discover this field, while it will allow deep learning for others. At the end of this day, each professional benefits from a certificate of hair prosthetist, the various commercial supports, as well as a starter kit in order to begin this new activity.

The training day

Which hair resin to use for an athlete? Which solvent to choose for sensitive skin? How to make an imprint? We will answer all these questions during this full day.

Malleable heads are available for professionals to practice handling the hair prosthesis. A model is also present during the training sessions, to allow the practice of the pose techniques. We see together the hygiene rules to be respected, but also how to carry out the monthly maintenance or how to help a user in the choice of his tailor-made hair supplement (color, ripple, density, etc.).

We are always on the lookout for new things. So if you are a hairdressing professional, interested in our brand and want to work with us, do not hesitate any longer and fill out this form to access the professional space. Or on the contrary, if you are an individual who does not have BYSIX partner salons in your area, why not invite your hairdresser to consult this page? 😉

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