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Daniel's interview

This is Daniel, a BYSIX user. We met him when we were looking for models for one of our videos. Daniel presented his application to us, unfortunately for geographical reasons,...

This is Daniel, a BYSIX user. We met him when we were looking for models for one of our videos . Daniel presented his application to us, unfortunately for geographical reasons, we had to refuse his proposal.

Having decided to take the plunge, he nevertheless embarked on the adventure of hair supplements . Following numerous publications on his Instagram account, we have therefore decided to share his experience with you.

Many wearers of hair supplements wish to remain anonymous and do not appreciate speaking openly about this subject, which we can fully understand given the various criticisms surrounding the hair prosthesis. Nevertheless, we are delighted to also be able to share certain experiences like that of Daniel who fully assumes his change of look.

Discover without further delay, Daniel's interview!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Male baldnessHair supplement

I am 22 years old, passionate about photography and video. I started losing my hair in high school when I was 15 and at 18 I shaved my head for the first time. When you're young, it's hard to lose your hair, it's not a choice, it may just seem aesthetic, but it greatly affects your self-esteem.

I had throughout my youth remarks on my baldness. There were good ones and bad ones. The nicknames I was given were almost always related to my hair loss, I felt like that was pretty much all that was seen in me. There hasn't been a single day that I haven't been reminded of it.

The questions I was asked in the evening remained quite superficial in themselves.
However, I fully assumed my baldness. However, this did not prevent me from having very good friends. I had lost a certain physical youth, I was often given to be between 25 and 30 years old when I was 18 or 20.

No longer imagining myself with hair, few were the days when I could appreciate myself in the mirror.

Why did you choose the BYSIX brand?

Hair implant solution

I came across BYSIX totally by chance, one evening I was watching hair transplant videos and that's how I came across a video of the brand.

The result on video intrigued me a lot, because it was very natural! I chose this brand because they offer a lot of possibilities, whether in terms of membranes, hair type and color. And above all, it's real hair, it's not synthetic.

What steps did you take to install the hair prosthesis?

When I went to the BYSIX site, I realized that the closest professional to my area was the partner salon located in Lyon. After taking their contact details, I quickly validated an advice appointment in order to obtain more information on the ideal model for me.

I was welcomed by a very attentive and smiling team and I was quickly advised according to my desires and my expectations, to finally order my first hair supplement BYSIX.

How long have you been a carrier?

I have been wearing a hair supplement since June 18, 2019. My first supplement wasthe Ultra HD model , a very thin but also very solid membrane that I kept for several months.

I have now switched to the U-Pro model which I have been using since early November.

What has changed for you since the installation of your hair supplement?

wig man

The supplement has changed a lot of things in my life, especially the way others look, which is literally different. This may only be a feeling but I have the impression that people are more interested in me, in my personality, in my centers of interest, the questions that I am asked are generally less superficial.

To hear no more remarks about his baldness, it feels good. My entourage at the beginning was "shocked", because I had not warned anyone, I had positive and negative opinions. The following month, negative reviews turned positive. It's all a matter of habit.

When my relatives see photos of me before, their reactions are often: "Ah yes, it's true! I had completely forgotten, you get used to it quickly after all, it suits you well!"

In your opinion, what are the advantages of wearing a hair prosthesis?

The hair supplement is a method to regain self-confidence, that's for sure. The result is really natural, you can shower, play sports with the supplement, it's just incredible.

In front of the mirror, I recognize myself much more. Rediscovering the feeling of being able to run your hand through your hair is just magical.

We don't realize it, but hair really changes the shape and look of the face.

Would you like to say something to people who want to take the leap?

If I had to say a few words for people who don't dare take the plunge, it would be just: "Try! Take the time to think, but just try, it's not binding, it's not definitive".

If you like it, so much the better continue, if on the contrary you don't like it, you just have to stop, it's as simple as that. Being bald and having hair overnight is a once in a lifetime experience.

We hope that Daniel's testimony will help people who wish to take the leap and will make it easier to understand the various comments made by those around them.

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