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Hair dryer: our tips

Using a hair dryer seems like an easy task to do, but do you actually know that if you don't use it carefully it can damage your hair? Here are...

Using a hair dryer seems like an easy task to do, but do you actually know that if you don't use it carefully it can damage your hair? Here are some tips to take care of your hair and achieve different hairstyles.

It is true that we often advise you on the products to use for your hair supplement or the good gestures to have for the manipulation of your prosthesis during the installation orthe interviews . Know that this simple daily step is actually important for the durability of your hair.

Use of hair dryer

Hair tools and accessories

It's the most used hair tool every morning, but it can also be your hair's number one enemy. It is therefore important to hydrate the hair and provide it with all the necessary nutrition. You can therefore start by using a moisturizing product such as the shampoo , available in our web shop, or the Ultra Doux range from Garnier. This will allow you to understand the step of the hair dryer more easily. We also recommend applying a conditioner or hair mask once or twice a week to strengthen your hair and make it more supple.

Did you know that when your hair is wet it is at this moment that it is the most fragile? It is therefore important to brush them gently. To do this, do not hesitate to use, for example, a detangling treatment such as our two-phase spray . This will help brushing and removing any knots.

Using a wide-toothed comb or a boar-bristle brush, gently start by brushing the ends because it is indeed the lengths that will be the most tangled and then finish by the scalp.

BYSIX Hairstyles

Little tip! Using a protective treatment before styling helps protect your hair from high heat, especially if you blow-dry or straighten. This treatment will prevent your hair from being suddenly attacked by high heat. So use heated accessories wisely.

I recommend that you use the hair dryer with the lowest temperature, but for the sake of speed, we mostly opt for the highest temperature, which is not really advisable for your hair, especially if you use a heated accessory several times a week.

To start, opt for the medium temperature which will certainly take longer, but combined with the protective care, it will promote more gentle drying. Also remember that the heat of the hair dryer will act on the care applied previously to allow it to tighten the cuticles (scales).

Doing the hairstyle

BYIX Stylish Hairstyle

The hair dryer also allows you to do your different hairstyles. Whether you want to smooth them or even create a nice raised effect, it is quite possible.

To achieve a back hairstyle, simply wrap your hair around the brush, then dry for a few seconds. Repeat this same operation until you are satisfied with the rendering of your hairstyle. Simply finish by fixing your hair so that it can hold all day. For this, I strongly recommend our Magic Fix spray which is very popular with our users, because of its matte effect and its very long hold.

For a wavy effect, simply use the hair dryer and forget the brush!

As you will have understood, the hair dryer is a versatile tool if used with care, but be careful not to damage your hair.

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