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Our/Your good resolutions

Although it is important to respect our objectives, each beginning of the year allows us to try to improve on certain points or to take on new challenges such as...

Although it is important to respect our objectives, each beginning of the year allows us to try to improve on certain points or to take on new challenges such as quitting smoking, getting back into shape or even trying to take the life on the bright side. At BYSIX we also have some good resolutions for this year 2020!

First of all, let's start by announcing the arrival of two new features that were close to our hearts and that we are delighted to present to you.

BYSIX products

We have been working for several months on the release of 5 products which will be marketed during the month of February. Hair glue , solvent or even accessories , everything is done to allow you a new hair routine. I still have to keep a little secret for you until the next blog post specially dedicated to these products!

Tailor-made tailoring follow-up

Some of you may have already noticed it, but we have just installed a direct tailor-made follow-up. A novelty very recently implemented by our services so that you can quickly check the status of your tailor-made order. How to do ? When you are connected to your customer account, you simply have to enter the number of your order directly in the " track my tailor-made " tab.

How to understand the progress of the confection? You will find 4 important steps:

  • Order handled by technicians. Your order has therefore been validated by our services and sent to our factory so that production can begin.
  • Implantation of the hair in the base. This means that the creation of the base has already been completed and the implantation of the hair has begun.
  • Final phase of production. As its name suggests, the making of your hair prosthesis is coming to an end. At this moment, the initially estimated date is updated to give you a much more precise date.
  • Crafting completed. Your order is ready to be taken care of by the dedicated service so that it can assess your order and ensure that all the options chosen have been validated.

Once the tailoring gauge is complete, it means your order will be shipped to your locality within 3-5 days. The delivery time will always depend on the carrier validated during your order.

New partner salons

Many of you ask us for new partner salons so that you can call on a qualified professional for your hair prosthesis fittings and maintenance. We therefore make it a point of honor to find new professionals but also to try to develop ourselves in the south of France. Although validating a partnership takes time, we challenge ourselves to validate a partner salon in the most requested cities.

Simplify your procedures

As usual, BYSIX is committed to continuing to simplify your procedures. A help center regularly updated thanks to your various remarks so that you can quickly find the answers to all your questions, or even the implementation of new functionalities. From now on you will find the shades of colors in the "stock" category of hair supplements in order to validate your shade more easily.

Good resolutions 2020 are not only for BYSIX. Discover your good resolutions valid for all wearers of hair supplements!


Mishandling can easily be done, so anticipation is key. Having a hair supplement in advance will allow you to get out of sometimes delicate situations. Although very complicated to achieve, a tear in the base can occur during too brutal disentangling using a comb with pins or even a scissor cut by your hairdresser not knowing that you are wearing a hair prosthesis. . The idea of ​​having a hair prosthesis available at all times will therefore allow you to deal more easily with unforeseen events.

Hair maintenance

Proper maintenance of your hair will prolong its life. The satisfaction of our users is an essential point at BYSIX, which is why we advise you on the products to use in order to keep your hair supple and soft. Very recently, we have noticed that the use of sulphate-free shampoos, which are generally recommended for cleansing the scalp, are not to be used for the hair of the hair prosthesis, as these shampoos can make the hair dull and create knots. This will make detangling your hair almost impossible despite the use of detangling care. It is therefore preferable to opt for the B-app keratin shampoo or the Ultra soft range from the Garnier brand.

Call a professional

Do you want to take the leap but don't know which model to choose? Do not hesitate to go to a professional who will be able to advise you perfectly on the ideal model for you. Choosing a hair prosthesis for its lifetime is absolutely not the solution to your hair loss, because it may not be suitable for the rendering you want or for your various activities. This also applies to your binding. It is important to find the ideal attachment method. An adaptation will surely be necessary for some carriers because several criteria will have to be taken into account and who better than your hair prosthetist to advise you? Do not hesitate to trust him and follow his advice!

Check your orders

Checking your orders is also an important point. You benefit from a withdrawal period of 14 days for hair supplements in stock, however, this is not authorized for a custom-made prosthesis. The exchange of hair prostheses in stock will obviously delay your pose for a few days, due to the exchange procedure.

For tailor-made clothing, a check is carried out to ensure that the validated options are correct, however, the software cannot check the characteristics you want. Let's take the example of the color, if you want to opt for the 1# shade and the validated shade for your order is the 3#, our software will be unable to ensure that it is the right color. You will therefore receive a hair prosthesis of the wrong shade.

Important criteria to respect in order to fully live this experience and avoid delicate situations.

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