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The supplement without taboos...

And if today we spoke without taboos? The choice to wear a hair supplement is above all a personal choice. So you shouldn't feel obligated to wear a prosthesis in...

And if today we spoke without taboos? The choice to wear a hair supplement is above all a personal choice. So you shouldn't feel obligated to wear a prosthesis in order to please someone, if not above all, yourself. Learning about this area, the different models as well as the advantages and disadvantages offered by this method is essential in order to apprehend your change more calmly.

There are several types of users. There are those who talk openly about the hair supplement while others prefer to hide it from those around them. It therefore depends on the state of mind of each during this new experience.

Know that some of our users prefer not to communicate to those around them that they wear a hair prosthesis. This also applies to their spouse. How is it possible you say? Quite simply because our high quality supplements allow our users not to reveal that they are wearing replacement hair.

Your partner can then, without difficulty, run their fingers through your hair, without him/her noticing a difference. Thanks to the implantation of natural hair on all of our hair supplements, our quality will optimize the rendering of your hair.

What about the base of the supplement? Know that if you opt for the standard Ultra HD model , its thin base will then be totally undetectable and will blend perfectly with your skin, for a very natural look. So rest assured, there will be absolutely no suspicious noises, once your hand is in your hair :)

Do you want to go on a trip and need to redo your identity papers? Should we opt for the photo with or without hair? Know that this will have no impact on your administrative papers. After all, if you go for a photo of yourself with your hair shaved off and switch to hair supplements, just say you've let your hair grow out, no one will notice you have prosthetics. You are therefore free to choose whether you prefer to opt for one or the other photo.

There is a question that we receive quite frequently and that can surely make more than one smile, but when it comes to a subject that we do not know, it is completely normal to ask yourself this kind of question. Know that no! You will not ring at the gate during security checks at airports ;)

Are you a fan of thrills? At BYSIX we are too. The hair prosthesis does not mean that you have to stay at home, quite the contrary! This allows you to regain self-confidence and rediscover certain pleasures of everyday life. One of the phrases that we like to hear is "thanks to you, I live again". I therefore sincerely believe that it is necessary to make the most of the advantages offered by this method.

BYSIX Extreme Outfit

Are you planning to go on vacation but you dread the dive in the pool at the risk of seeing your hair complement floating on the surface? Be aware that chlorine and seawater will have no impact on your prosthesis.

Swimming with a BYSIX hair supplement

As you may already know, salt can dry out your hair, so don't hesitate after your swim, just rinse it with clear water. You can therefore completely swim and enjoy your holidays serenely. Choose no more! Parachute jumping, canyoning or even roller coasters, everything is possible with the hair supplement.

Fixing Power Full hair glue

For extreme hold, it is imperative to follow the advice given by your hair technician . He will be your best ally in this adventure, so do not hesitate to trust him and explain your various activities to him so that he can adapt your binding from your first pose.

Wearing a hair prosthesis is in every way beneficial for all people who suffer from hair loss. It is for this reason that we are constantly working to offer you the best quality ...

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