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Covid-19, our advice

The current situation with the coronavirus (Covid-19) is stressful for all of our users. We understand this and we try to find the best solutions for you. As our partner...

The current situation with the coronavirus (Covid-19) is stressful for all of our users. We understand this and we try to find the best solutions for you.

As our partner salons are currently closed due to the situation, we can only advise you to carry out the maintenance of your hair supplement yourself, but also your frontal touch-up. Being autonomous can seem quite complex, however, if you take our recommendations into account, you will be able to obtain a result almost similar to the work of your usual hair technician.

To begin, it is important to have in your possession all the necessary equipment before you start. As you know, our online store remains open 24/7 to allow you to order your products and accessories.

You will therefore need:

  • A Ghost Bond Platinum type hair glue. This is the resin most appreciated by our users at the moment.
  • A hair solvent in order to easily and delicately remove the residues present on your skin and on the base of the prosthesis. For this, I recommend the Ghost Buster which is very effective.
  • An applicator brush to facilitate the application of your hair resin. This brush will be the easiest to use and will allow great precision.
  • A shampoo to clean your base and your hair. This shampoo is very popular with our users. We also recommend this shampoo from the Ultra Doux range.
  • A treatment/mask to keep the hair soft. The nourishing mask will be ideal to boost your hair. You can use your usual mask, it will just have to be moisturizing.
  • A repigmenting treatment , if you notice a slight lightening of the hair of your hair supplement. (This product is optional)
  • A second mirror, in order to have good visibility of your scalp.
  • A hair clipper, to shave the regrowth area. (Cutting your contours can also be done alone, however if this seems too complex, it is best to wait until your prosthetist is available again).

Applying a BYSIX hair supplement

Once you have these products, you are ready to go! To do this, I invite you tofollow this tutorial which was written a few months ago to allow you to carry out your monthly maintenance on your own. The explanations are very well detailed and will allow you to obtain an excellent result.

For the realization of your frontal retouching, do not hesitate to follow this blog article in which I explain how to proceed. Frontal retouching is simple and quick, so it will be possible to do it easily.

The most important thing when you carry out the maintenance of your hair supplement yourself is to try to be as calm as possible. We are aware that this period is not ideal for hair prosthesis wearers, so our team is available to answer your questions.

If you want to get more concrete help, know that our hair prosthetist, Naolie, offers videoconferences every Wednesday. If you would like to book your video session, do not hesitate to follow this link .

Our shipping department also does its best to ship your orders as quickly as possible. We simply ask our users to be lenient and supportive in the event of a slight delay. From now on, deliveries to France and the rest of the world are made only via our DHL services. Our Belgian customers, for their part, always benefit from BPOST delivery.

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