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The Undetectable Complement

A few years ago, hair supplements were not an option for young people suffering from hair loss. This is often associated with older people, so it was impossible at the...

A few years ago, hair supplements were not an option for young people suffering from hair loss. This is often associated with older people, so it was impossible at the time to consider this method. However, the hair supplement is no longer what it used to be. New techniques have emerged and have radically improved this concept, formerly called "moumoute".

Why the nameUltra HD ? It is not a range of televisions or a high-tech product. The term Ultra HD simply means "Ultra High Definition". The new generation of hair supplements starts from this model. Optimal and undetectable results are the two strengths of this prosthesis. As thin as a contact lens, the Ultra HD model will allow you to regain your hair discreetly.

Its strengths

Let's start by describing this model to you. Its base, with a thickness of 0.03mm, is completely undetectable. Once fixed, the base will perfectly match your skin. Rest assured, your hair prosthesis will therefore be invisible.

Made of polyurethane , the Ultra HD model is ideal for those who want a natural look, but will also suit users who practice physical activity.

Are you one of those who tends to sweat easily? Ultra HD will also be perfect for you. For what ? Because its completely smooth base will allow optimal hold on your entire head. Although one may believe that a tulle base is preferable in view of the microperforations, this is however not recommended for athletes, because the hair glue can penetrate through the microperforations, come to cling to the hair, then damage them.

The maintenance of the Ultra HD model will be much faster thanks to its smooth base. Depending on your attachment method , a simple hair remover can remove any attachment residue that has built up over the past few weeks. If you opt for a more important fixation, such as a mix of hair resin and adhesive strips, in this case, do not hesitate to bring gasoline C.

Why opt for Ultra HD and notMicro HD which has a longer lifespan? Because these two polyurethane models are very different in terms of base thickness. The Micro HD is 0.07mm, which will prevent backward hairstyles. The hairline will be visible, but it is still possible to conceal it by opting for hairstyles forward.

Unlike the Micro HD, the Ultra HD model will allow you to obtain a progressive effect at the level of the frontal border, due to its base thickness, but also thanks to the implantation of a density of 100% of hair on the entire prosthesis. This will allow you to do all the hairstyles , forgetting that you are wearing a hair supplement.

In order to give you a clearer idea of ​​the rendering offered by standard Ultra HD, here are some visuals from some of our users. The result is amazing, isn't it?!

undetectable natural hair prosthesis

Its weak point

Let it be said, although it has many strong points, our Ultra HD model has a slight weak point, its lifespan ! It is not possible to combine durability and rendering undetectable with this hair supplement. A lifespan estimated at 2 months can actually scare future wearers of hair prostheses, however, it is important to know that the lifespan of our hair supplements remains estimated and can therefore be extended depending on daily maintenance .

When we talk about lifespan, know that it is actually the progressive loss of density on the hair prosthesis. As you may know, when making the hair, the implantation is done directly in the base, hair by hair. It is therefore quite normal that over time the hair ends up coming off. It is for these reasons that we cannot determine with certainty the durability of this model. Some of our users keep Ultra HD for 3-4 months easily. It will therefore be good to judge for yourself if it is necessary to order a new prosthesis or if you can keep it for 1 additional month.

More and more of you are opting for the hair supplement. This non-surgical, painless method, which also provides immediate results, has won over many users. BYSIX has been trying for several years now to rejuvenate this still too often criticized hair method, in order to continue to help all those who wish to overcome their complexes.

Do you also want to take the leap? Don't wait any longer and validate your free advice appointment with one of our partner salons !

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