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The daily hair supplement

Today we would like to describe a typical day for a member of the BYSIX team, who also wears hair supplements. A slightly different article that will surely be able...

Today we would like to describe a typical day for a member of the BYSIX team, who also wears hair supplements. A slightly different article that will surely be able to help or comfort you in the idea that you have ofthe hair prosthesis .

So he starts his day by using the B-app brand Keratin shampoo , which will hydrate and nourish the hair with his hair supplement, allowing it to breathe, regain Olympic shape and stay supple.

We can not emphasize this enough ! The hair of the hair prosthesis is a lifeless hair. Since it is implanted in the base, it cannot feed on the sebum that we secrete and yet this natural oil contributes to the maintenance of the health of our hair, which is why we make a point of honor on the products moisturizers to use. After rinsing, he wrings his hair to remove excess water to apply the mask from the same B-app range. Why spin you tell me? Because if you apply the product to very wet hair, the treatment will then flow and its action will absolutely not be the same as on damp hair where it will be immediate. Let it act, then rinse with clear, lukewarm water to regulate blood circulation around your head. This will give shine to your hair.

First step complete!

He then sprays the Biphase care from the 7th element brand on all of his hair which, thanks to its formula based on vegetable proteins and hydrolyzed keratin, will allow hydration and will act as a detangler to facilitate brushing. A tangle-free hair supplement is a healthy hair supplement because if you accentuate brushing in the hope of removing the tangles, you will inevitably tear out the implanted hair and therefore it will be obvious to notice an early loss of density in your prosthesis. capillary. That being said, it's time to move on to the hairstyle.

At BYSIX we are very "Undercut and modern cut", which is why, after drying his hair using a hair dryer and a round brush with boar bristles, he comes to apply a dab of wax of the "Crew" range in the palm of your hand. Do not hesitate to sculpt the cut with your fingers to create the John Travolta banana effect. Once everything has been worked on, a coat of " Infinium Pure " hairspray is needed to fix the entire hairstyle and thus allow optimal hold. That's it ! He is ready to face a new day.

Back home with the desire to throw himself on the sofa and relax, he will first have to remove the wax and lacquer residues. Nothing very complicated! Simply brush your hair gently with a brush until all residue is removed. The hair will then be relieved and will be able to breathe again.

As soon as he is done taking care of his hair, he moves on to the beard. Eh yes ! Having a beautiful beard is good, having it clean is better! And what better than a shampoo for that! Do not hesitate to rub your skin to eliminate dandruff. Rinsing with clear water is enough to remove the shampoo. Then wipe by dabbing with a towel. Brushing is also necessary because it will untangle the knots and thus allow you to cut the few stubborn hairs. To do this, take a comb and a pair of mustache scissors and you're done. Now let's move on to the final step, hydration! For his part, he uses a beard oil that is composed of vegetable oils. It nourishes and hydrates the skin as well as the hairs and also gives a soft effect while delicately perfuming the beard.

Self-confidence can come from a muscular body or a fashionable outfit, but it can also come from a well-made hairstyle or a well-trimmed beard. Whether you are young with a modern look or a certain age and rather discreet, the important thing is to feel good about yourself.

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