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Tailor-made: quality

You may not know it yet, but it is possible to change the quality of the hair by opting for tailor-made clothing. Although we have no particular option for this,...

You may not know it yet, but it is possible to change the quality of the hair by opting for tailor-made clothing . Although we have no particular option for this, it is quite possible to enter this information directly in the comments of your order so that it is validated. Several qualities of hair exist, which is why today we wanted to see the different characteristics with you.

Indian hair

Indian hair is very similar to Caucasian (European) hair. They have always been recognized as being of better quality. Thanks to the making of hair prostheses with Indian hair, we reach the perfection of the naturalness and the quality/price ratio. Soft and silky, they offer a very pleasant feeling to the touch.

The hair is then braided before its collection in order to maintain the correct orientation until its implantation. This method makes it easier to comb the hair and prolong its life.

Chinese hair

Although its composition always remains the same, human hair can take very different forms. Straight, wavy, curly or frizzy, this difference is explained by variations in the shape of the hair follicle and its location in the scalp.
In Asians, the hair is particularly smooth, while Caucasian type hair is more often wavy. Afro hair will be very curly, even frizzy. Chinese hair is inherently very stiff and thick, so it receives more factory treatments to approximate Caucasian hair as much as possible. Thicker and stronger than Indian hair, it is generally only suitable for Asian users.

virgin hair

When the hair is qualified as "virgin", it means that it has not undergone any treatment until its implantations. They will therefore be immediately removed, cleaned and then implanted in the base. The hair is therefore taken from one and the same person.

It is quite possible to obtain this quality of hair thanks to tailor-made tailoring provided that you opt for a natural color such as 1# 1C# 1B# and 2#. If you wish to opt for another shade , a coloring will then be carried out on the hair in order to obtain the desired result. The coloring is carried out by technicians specialized in this field who use specific processes to preserve the unique texture of the hair. The quality is therefore not affected in any way, however, the hair will therefore no longer be called "virgin".

Of high quality, the virgin hair is only made on estimate because several criteria are to be taken into account such as density or color. Also more expensive than Indian or Chinese hair, it guarantees you 100% healthy hair.

As you will have understood, depending on the choice of your color or the finish you want, it is possible to choose from several types of hair. Indian hair is however of high quality, it is suitable for most of our users and this, for a very affordable price!

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