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Should you assume your hair supplement?

A few years ago, hair prostheses were not like the ones we know today. Thanks to the improvement of manufacturing processes and technological progress in terms of quality, finish and...

A few years ago, hair prostheses were not like the ones we know today. Thanks to the improvement of manufacturing processes and technological progress in terms of quality, finish and above all invisibility, the "toupee" of modern times is absolutely not what it used to be! We can now count on the different possibilities to solve baldness aesthetically, whether using hair supplements, hair powder to fill a small bald area or even hair transplantation, although nothing guarantees a certain result, several solutions exist to help you feel better. However, we know that taking the hair supplement step brings a series of fears and questions. Whether you have decided to take the plunge is a very important point, but whether you want to say so or not is entirely up to you. Knowing how to manage the reaction of those around you can sometimes be difficult for some but a real comfort for others.

We're all different

There are users who speak openly about this subject, without taboos. From the moment they have decided to take the hair supplement course, they prefer to talk about it to their relatives or seek advice from their friends beforehand in order to obtain different opinions. By taking this new adventure positively, this has the advantage of considerably reducing undesirable reactions because the user already knows what reactions he is exposing himself to. It is therefore with maximum confidence that the user will be able to face the gaze of others!

Others prefer to tell only a few very close people in order to prepare them for the change. Applying the hair supplement before going on vacation by making a fairly short haircut is a method that allows novices to get used to their new hair, to gain self-confidence on neutral ground where they don't know anyone. Thus, it is more serene that the user can resume his professional activity. We generally recommend going for standard options like low density or neutral color so that no difference is visible.

Some prefer to have only one trusted person informed of this change. This allows you to remain discreet but also to be able to confide in the subject of the physical change offered by the hair prosthesis. Most of the time, this trusted person is present during the first appointments, in order to reassure the user and guide the professional towards the desired result.

We also have some users who definitely prefer to hide this hair change. We can of course understand this wish because of the various remarks that the hair prosthesis still arouses to this day. In these cases, it is preferable to opt for a hair complement very similar to your own hair while rectifying the desired area. It is therefore advisable to play on the density so that it is equivalent to yours.

Undetectable hair supplement

All of these ways of dealing with the hair supplement and the reactions of some users are completely understandable and acceptable. These differences largely vary depending on each person's personality and level of confidence. This is why at BYSIX, we recommend that you assess your need to wear a hair supplement. If it becomes vital due to a growing complex and you have lost confidence, then don't worry about the impact it will have around you. Finding hair instantly allows you to regain self-confidence, so don't wait any longer!

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