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Applying your own hair complement

Whether you are already wearing a hair prosthesis or if you plan to become one, know that to maintain optimal conditions and prolong the life of your prosthesis, it is...

Whether you are already wearing a hair prosthesis or if you plan to become one, know that to maintain optimal conditions and prolong the life of your prosthesis, it is necessary to carry outmonthly maintenance for reasons of hygiene and safety. aesthetics. The hair continues to grow under the base of your prosthesis and your skin naturally secretes sebum, which can affect the fixation and therefore the adhesion of your hair supplement. Secreted sebum can also make your hairline shine. But then, do we have to do these different tasks ourselves at home, or is it better to go to your hair prosthetist?

Applying your own hair complement

The first positive point is the freedom to carry out your interview whenever you want. The economic factor is also a great advantage. You can save the cost of maintenance and schedule an appointment only when you need a new pose, a haircut, or even for a special occasion, to play the security of a pose well done. .

Practicing this yourself takes time, especially if you are not very good with your hands, as this process can lead to a lot of anxiety and frustration. Know that to put a complement to perfection, you will need to arm yourself with patience, skill and above all practice. Some users need the help of someone they trust to perform maintenance. Knowing how to apply your hair supplement is a very good thing, but be careful of the mistakes, which are still too often made. It is true that you save the cost of the service performed in the salon, but is it really advantageous for you?

Maintenance that is not properly carried out can jeopardize the life of the hair prosthesis. Many situations can occur, such as an early loss of density, hair glue residue in the hair or even the degradation of your hair supplement due to improper handling. Add-ons require special care to keep them in good condition, which is why we always recommend hiring a professional to enjoy your hair prosthesis for as long as possible.

At the professional

The advantage of going to your hair prosthetist allows you to be serene about the proper performance of the procedures. The professional will know how to keep your hair supplement in good health by providing it with the necessary care and by performing the right actions.

Hiring a professional will also save you time. The hair prosthetist will be quicker to carry out the installation or maintenance of your complement. This will allow you to enjoy the rest of your day, without worrying about the condition of your hair. The cleaning will be much more complete and the professional will also be able to determine if your prosthesis has lost density, to advise you on renewing it.

By going to the salon, you can combine different services, since the professional can perform your haircut, adjust your prosthesis if necessary, but also perform a repigmenting treatment to cancel out the few unwanted reflections. For some of you, the distance may be an inconvenience. Finding a hair prosthetist worthy of the name is not so easy and we fully understand that. This is also why we try to bring you as many answers as possible thanks to our various blog posts .

You will therefore have understood it, between the purchase of the various products, the realization of the haircut, or the acquisition of a new hair prosthesis, carrying out these various procedures oneself is perhaps not a sign of economy. But whether at home or in the salon, it's clear that meticulous work is essential in order to feel better about yourself.

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