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BYSIX celebrates its 6th anniversary!

Today is a special day for BYSIX, as the brand celebrates its 6th anniversary. This anniversary is not just ours. It also marks 6 years of loyalty from our users,...

Today is a special day for BYSIX, as the brand celebrates its 6th anniversary. This anniversary is not just ours. It also marks 6 years of loyalty from our users, 6 years of sharing with you and 6 years of exchanges...

BYSIX what is it? It is a brand of hair supplements created by two artists passionate about the world of entertainment and beauty. Nicolas Six offers his know-how in terms of creation and management. Sébastien Cochard, who has also been wearing hair supplements since he was 18, is the face of the brand and pays particular attention to communication and sharing tools. They both embarked on an adventure that began in 2013 following the publication of a tutorial on YouTube . This video is now one of the most popular on the web in this area, since today you are more than 1,500,000 to have viewed it.

Since its creation, BYSIX has evolved from year to year and continues to progress! The founders make every effort to modernize and dust off the image of the hair supplement, whether in video , on the blog , or even thanks to the modernity of the website. The main objective was to allow everyone to be able to regain self-confidence but in style :)

Since 2013, several events have been very quickly linked such as television performances, publications in magazines but also the launch of partner salons . We also have 17 international resellers for whom we act as a supplier. This allows resale without the BYSIX label, with optimal quality for retailers. We are now one of the leaders in the field of hair supplements.

Following the evolution of the brand, BYSIX decided to recruit staff in order to allow full availability to users. Whether by phone with customer service, by e-mail, or via our online chat, everything is done to satisfy you. In fact, nothing would make us happier than to know your opinion! Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to give us your opinion. This will allow us to improve.

6 years with you is also 110 blog posts, nearly 10,000 subscribers on Facebook but also 2,318,300 views on Youtube (just that)!

The development is such that even hairdressing professionals have seen strong growth in this area.

Brand creation BYSIX

Following numerous requests, BYSIX has therefore opened its own studio to welcome users for the installation and maintenance of their hair prosthesis. But also to develop hair prosthetist training , which aims to train hairdressers in the requirements and techniques of the brand, in order to reach approximately 20 partner salons by 2020. We will never stop looking for the latest innovations in order to innovate in this area that is still taboo for some.

Know that at BYSIX, the satisfaction of our users is an essential point because since the beginning, you have seen us evolve, grow but also learn from our mistakes by constantly adapting to your needs. Know that today, we wanted to thank you for these 6 years of loyalty and trust. That's why today we are putting in place an exceptional 10% discount on your entire order thanks to the code MERCIBYSIX (code valid until June 18, 2019)! A huge THANK YOU from the entire BYSIX team.

"The main thing for us is to know that our products are not just products, but above all that they allow men and women to relax."

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