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The hair supplement, only on certain areas?

Considering wearing a hair supplement when you have pronounced baldness or thinning hair is almost a no-brainer! But what to do when the hair loss is located on a small...

Considering wearing a hair supplement when you have pronounced baldness or thinning hair is almost a no-brainer! But what to do when the hair loss is located on a small area like the temples or the vertex?

Faced with these different forms of baldness, the complex can only grow. So, how to cross the cape of the capillary supplement when one always has a certain density? Do we have to shave the remaining hair? Before dropping the idea of ​​the hair supplement, read this article 😉

Know first of all that the port of the capillary supplement effectively requires a shaving of the zone in order to allow a total adhesion of several weeks. But good news, you don't have to shave everything, don't worry! The hair supplement also allows you to fill in only the areas you want to cover. It is true that at the moment there are no models reserved only for the vertex or the front edge, but your hair technician will be able to cut a hair complement from stock to the desired dimensions. You can then blend the complement into your own hair, which will achieve a completely undetectable finish. As you will have understood, your hair prosthesis will therefore be reusable depending on the desired area. Rather reassuring, isn't it?

Here is the result of a BYSIX user, who opted for a hair supplement only on the frontal area:

Hair extension at the front edge

Fixing your hair supplement

Finding hair instantly is good, but letting your attachment method adhere perfectly is better!

We can never repeat it enough, it is important to leave 48 hours before washing your hair, playing sports, but also to avoid any tension on the hair.

We fully understand the desire to verify that this is completely undetectable, but it is also necessary to understand that the fixing process between the hair supplement and your skull takes between 24 and 48 hours. We therefore wanted to warn all new hair prosthesis wearers about this, especially in the case of a partial hair prosthesis with a smaller attachment area.

After the first application, it is possible that the hair resin does not suit you, but do not panic, you just have to discuss it with your hair technician in order to find the ideal fixing method for you. It is important to listen to the advice of professionals if you want to have an optimal experience.

The feeling on the skin

Before fitting your first hair prosthesis, an allergy test can be carried out to be sure that your skin accepts this method of attachment. Rest assured, the hair resins that we market are subject to very strict laboratory tests. This type of product is not harmful to your skin or to the regrowth of your hair.

However, some of you may notice a kind of tension after the installation of your supplement, especially if you are new to this area. First, know that this is not an allergic reaction, but the adhesion between the hair resin and your complement. This is completely normal and can take several hours.

At BYSIX, we understand the importance of hair supplement for our users. All these novelties bring stress and questions, but be careful not to let yourself be carried away by these new emotions which could spoil the pleasant experience of the hair supplement.

Know that if necessary, a team of professionals will accompany you to better experience this change 😎

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