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6 tips for your complement

Yes, now the hair supplement is becoming mainstream and most of the time we do not know who is a carrier and who is not and that's a good thing!...

Wearing a hair supplement has now become commonplace! His neighbor, his boss, his colleague, the journalist on the 8 p.m. news? Yes, now the hair supplement is becoming mainstream and most of the time we do not know who is a carrier and who is not and that's a good thing!

Today's men and women are undoubtedly more comfortable with their hair supplement. It is therefore important to draw up a list of the 6 best tips, in order to take full advantage of your (dream) hair...

Also if you are not yet a carrier, read this article, you will certainly find answers there.

Be comfortable with the idea of ​​wearing hair replacement

In principle, it seems simple. It is important to specify that this hair change is an important step in changing your physique, of course, but also your attitude and your personality.

Previously complexed, you are now more sure of yourself and walk with your head held high. To the recurring question "should I get started?" we will answer "Yes!"

If you have been complexed for several months/years or have doubts about your physique because of your hair, the question no longer arises, "GO FOR IT!"

The first week corresponds to the adaptation period where you discover a new face, the pleasure of finding your hair, of being able to do your hair, but after that it is completely part of you.

The reaction of those around

This is the frequent anxiety and it is understandable. However, for men or women with a little advanced baldness, we always advise to start with a first "progressive" hair supplement, that is to say not to opt immediately for full hair and a hair length of 4. times greater than the one you had before crossing the threshold. This allows your family, friends and professional circles not to notice this change, but to just cast doubt on a new hairstyle or a simple coloring at the hairdresser.

As you go along, it will be perfectly possible for you to choose the haircut of your dreams without any problem.

Do not change your activities for your hair supplement

Many of you, for fear of damaging the supplement, have your daily life changed and, for example, stop going to sports, the swimming pool, doing sensational activities... It is therefore important to remember that your new hair must be forgotten. It's your own hair!

Of course, you must follow a few important steps to continue your sports activities, such as adapting the fixing method, choosing the right resin or the right hair adhesive.

Those who say "I'm not going to swim anymore, I've stopped sport, I'm doing everything to stop sweating" are they aware that this is more restrictive than pleasant?

Today very good fixing products exist to be able to live normally and allow you this famous parachute jump of which you dreamed. We often recommend having a side part of the hair, in case something goes wrong. With this you can no longer have excuses.

Don't be afraid of being exposed

If you choose the right hair complement and the installation and fixing are perfectly done, then it will be impossible even from very close for you to be unmasked, rest assured.

Just follow our tips on choosing your density and base so no one knows you're wearing a hair topper.

There are some who will tell you "a hair supplement is always visible". To those you will answer that 20 years ago it was clearly the case, but today things have changed and the image of the man pulling his hair before going to bed is definitely to be forgotten!

Take care of your hair

As for your own hair, those implanted on the base are 100% natural, so it is obvious that it is entirely possible to wash them daily, to dry them or even straighten them, to color them, or even to apply all the products to be able to style them.

However, even if the quality is very high, as with your own hair, it is important to take care of it. There's no need to apply a whole bunch of moisturizers or only wash off once every four days. A simple conditioner and a moisturizing/detangling spray will do the trick. We advise to wash your own hair and that of the complement every two days, in order to optimize the life of the prosthesis.

Have confidence in yourself!

Now that you are wearing a hair supplement and have said goodbye to your main complex, it is time for you not to be overwhelmed by a whole bunch of irrelevant questions. Indulge yourself by opting for a hairstyle worthy of an American film actor, dare the length and do not hide behind a lock that hides your location.

Take charge of your hair and don't be afraid to say that now you feel beautiful and confident! Be proud of yourself!

These few tips will certainly be useful to you, we hope :)

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