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An invisible hairline

When you wear a hair supplement, you want to obtain a result that is perfectly undetectable even from very close up. We hope to be able to find his teenage...

When you wear a hair supplement, you want to obtain a result that is perfectly undetectable even from very close up. We hope to be able to find his teenage hair and forget this hair complex that has been eating away at us for years!

It is therefore logical to think that the density of the prosthesis must be provided and thick to guarantee this long-awaited "volume" effect. However, opting for a high density is a mistake most of the time, because "volume and density" do not rhyme with "natural and invisibility".

If you find yourself in these few sentences, then this article is for you! Find out how to win naturally.

- The photo above represents our ULTRA HD model, with an "A" front line, a density of 80% on the front edge and then 100% on the rest of the complement. A rear set-up and a perfectly done haircut. So you find it natural? :-)

- Below the second photo represents the same type of hair complement, but with a "CC" border, then a density of 130% on the whole of the prosthesis. The haircut is also not perfectly done.

Hair prosthesis supplied BYSIX

We therefore advise, to obtain a perfectly natural and undetectable result, to first opt ​​for an invisible model of the ULTRA HD type.

Take special care in choosing your density too! We generally recommend the stock one (100%), but you can choose a lower density for your front border which will allow an even more natural result.

The shape of the frontal border must be in accordance with your own hair implantation. We do not recommend the "C" border if you want to obtain a progressive and undetectable result, unless your basic layout corresponds to this shape.

The "Freestyle" implementation style is a very good choice because it will allow you to opt for different styles of hairstyles. However, if your hairstyle is styled backwards every day, then don't hesitate and choose the backwards installation...

It is also important to know that precision when cutting the complement is essential! The cut must be made at the limit of the implantation of the hair, but not beyond in order to avoid this "straight line" effect which will not allow a 100% natural rendering.

The position of your hair is also important! Oh yes ! Don't forget that a hair extension placed too low or too high will not look really natural. The ideal is to position 3 or 4 fingers from the top of the eyebrows to the top of the forehead, at the start of your implantation. It is of course possible to correct too high implantations by respecting this trick.

Natural rendering hair supplement

We hope these few tips and advice can help you find the style that suits you. If so, feel free to comment and share this article.

See you soon !

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