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Which care products to choose?

We have made our complete list of the best current treatments which we believe are the ones that allow the hair to remain flexible throughout the use of your hair...

We had already recommended certain products in one of our videos, but many of you are still asking us today for the names of shampoos, treatments, sprays... to use for your hair supplement.

We have therefore made our complete list of the best current treatments which, in our opinion, are the ones that allow the hair to remain supple throughout the use of your hair supplement.

You are aware that our quality is currently very well known and we precisely want it to last over time, so it is possible for you to use all commercial products without really providing hydration to the hair, this does not will have no impact on the possible "degradation".

However, like your own hair, the hair in the hair supplement needs a minimum of hydration and daily care, in order to remain supple and soft over the long term.

Here are the products we recommend:

SCHWARZKOPF GLISS REPAIR Shampoo with Liquid Keratin

This shampoo allows daily to bring a light hydration to the hair in the shower. It is available in all supermarkets at a price of around €3.

SCHWARZKOPF GLISS REPAIR shampoo with shea and cashmere:

Provides permanent suppleness and softness on a daily basis. More difficult to find in supermarkets, it will also be available on the internet at the indicative price of €5.

The care (after shampoo)

Leave on for a few minutes in the shower before rinsing. Its smell is very pleasant. It will allow an exceptional hydration of the hair of the hair supplement.

The DESANGE elixir

Ideal for nourishing and smoothing dry ends. We recommend this treatment if you have not applied any hydration for several weeks/months to the hair supplement.

This care (without rinsing) will reboost the texture of the hair. Don't be heavy-handed, because our hair quality is already very good, you risk having a "greasy" finish.

Available in all supermarkets at an indicative price of €6.

The bi-phase spray from the 7th ELEMENT brand

There is no need to praise the merits of this treatment that we recommend in most of our videos :)

It is essential daily just before drying to allow the hair to remain supple. If you had to choose just one, it's this one!

The sculpting spray EUGENE PERMA ARTIST range

Again, we recommend it very often for styling.

You can of course use the products you want (gel, lacquer, wax, paste, cream...) but this one is really respectful of the hair and allows a durable fixation for the whole day without problem. Leaves no residue and is easily removed by brushing.

Repigmenting cream treatment from MULATO

We also recommend it in case you want to bring a slight different color to the hair of the hair supplement. Easy to use and does not stain the base. We advise to respect the instructions for use.

For dark colored hair supplements (1 - 1b - 2 - 3) it is normal to see red and brown reflections appear over time. This is due to daily washing, the sun, chlorinated water etc... But is in no way a sign of poor hair quality.

It is therefore possible for you to cancel these reflections, thanks to the repigmenting "aniline black" and "ash". The advantage is that the product keeps for a long time.

Do not hesitate to let us know your comments and the products you use on a daily basis :)

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