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What solutions exist?

One out of two men, during his lifetime, will notice a problem of hair loss! What are the causes ? Many factors can be linked to this loss, such as...

One out of two men, during his lifetime, will notice a problem of hair loss! What are the causes ?

Many factors can be linked to this loss, such as the genetic aspect for example. If your father and your grandfather no longer have a hair on their head, then there is a good "chance" that you will have the same problem in a few years...

Hair loss can also be linked to your lifestyle. Your diet, your hair routine, your sleep, your professional environment... Your daily life can be the cause of your hair loss.

Anyway, today, several more or less effective solutions can allow you to slow down, even stop hair loss, but also to find your mane of yesteryear!

Shampoos and hair care

You have certainly already seen a whole bunch of "miracle" products to allow you to regrow your hair very quickly. Very often the visuals that are presented for these products are men with a smile on their face with very high hair density and the promised results are regrowth in a few days for resistant hair. The dream !

BYSIX hair care

However, this type of product can at most allow you to slightly slow down the fall in the best case.

There are certain products that are rather recognized for their effectiveness, such as Minoxidil in the form of a lotion to be applied to bald areas. It is important to specify that this lotion was initially designed against high blood pressure and that it would act on blood circulation. Anyway, the day you stop using this product, the hair loss will resume slowly.


Drug treatment may be the solution to your problem! If your hair loss is unusual and very important, then the opinion of a doctor is a good solution, because he can decide on the cause of your problem. This can in some cases come from a lack of vitamins for example. A cure with food supplements will certainly be suitable for you.

hair loss medicine solutions

Among all the drugs offered, there are the best known (Propecia, Proscar, Finasteride...). But beware ! These treatments are known for their side effects. In the case of Propecia, an alert has been issued to doctors, because this drug is basically a synthetic antiandrogen used to treat prostate hypertrophy and cancer, as well as hirsutism...

Many cases of depression have been recorded, but also of impotence and swelling of the chest! Just that ! It goes without saying that risking your life for your hair is not the best medicine...

Capillary stimulation

Capillary stimulation aims to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation at the hair root and would improve the quality and density of hair after several months of use. This technique would also slow down the fall.

Hair prosthesis tip

What does this stimulation consist of? This process is performed with precise, low-intensity lasers that penetrate deep into the tissues without damaging the skin and scalp. Sessions usually last about 30 minutes.

The results are still to be proven for this technique, because it does not concretely allow to find a capillary density on the zones affected by baldness. This type of program would prevent the fall in advance.

The prices generally vary according to the professionals, but count around 2000 to 2500€ for a year.

Hair implants

If you have tried the different methods named above and have seen very few results, then you will definitely go for hair implants.

BYSIX hair implants

Appearing in the early 80s, the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) technique was a revolution at the time. Only problem: the scars! This technique is not the best, because it involves making an incision on the back of the neck to remove strips of hair. It will then be necessary to have a hair length of 2 to 3 centimeters in order not to see these scars.

Another technique, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), more recent and painless, consists of manually removing each hair one by one to implant them directly on the bald areas.

This technique is generally very expensive (count between 3000 and 10000€ depending on the number of hairs implanted). The first results are only visible after several months.

Among our BYSIX users we have many men who have used this kind of process before opting for the hair supplement. Very often disappointed with the result, users have only obtained a few extra hairs, but the density is not sufficient to allow them to no longer be complexed.

Hair supplement (hair prosthesis)

We couldn't miss the hair supplement 🙂

Formerly called "Moumoute, wig, hairpiece..." the hair supplement is today one of the best solutions to find dense and natural hair. The advantage is that in a few moments the result is optimal depending on the model chosen.

BYSIX hair prosthesis

Our Ultra HD (the most natural model today) allows a completely undetectable implantation even from very close. Our brand has a proven track record when it comes to results. The prices are now much lower than before (count about 230€ for several months). Hair resin fixation is now proven to enable daily activities to be carried out. With this solution, you can wash your hair, go swimming, play sports, or even skydive without any fear.

No health risk thanks to the hair resins that we recommend, which are 80% water and petroleum-free. It is therefore a very good solution to overcome this hair complex!

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