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Hair loss vs reality

Toupee, toupee, wig... hair accessories are still struggling to find their place in our society. But then what about the new generation of hair supplements? We will explain everything to...

Toupee, toupee, wig... hair accessories are still struggling to find their place in our society. But then what about the new generation of hair supplements? We will explain everything to you.


Hair loss is an obligatory and normal stage, because we all lose on average between 50 to 100 hairs per day. Know that you are not an isolated case and that this problem occurs in millions of people. Some opt for medical treatments, which are very often bad for their health.

Hair loss is something inevitable that happens at some point in our life due to stress or due to problems in daily life. For some, hair loss is permanent. It is true that we would like to keep the same hair all our life and we cling to the idea that hair loss will not happen to us.


We like to believe that baldness is a problem that only occurs after a certain age, however, despite what you may think, in 25% of men it occurs around the age of 20. A very young age where self-esteem must be an asset to go through the stages of life. While studies have just ended for some, for others adult life begins. Work, going out, a love life... But how do you manage to manage all this when you have lost all confidence? Know that there are various possibilities to fill this discomfort with hair implants, powder or eventhe undetectable prosthesis .

The look of the others

We have to face a harsh reality. Regardless of age or gender, no one is immune to hair loss. For each individual, the experience is extremely traumatic because it is not a personal choice, we are forced to. We have to face the gaze of others every day, trying to appear insensitive to the situation. Some people also have to face a lot of criticism from those around them. Receiving a mockery is always hurtful, that's why we want to help you by bringing you our solution.

The advantage of the hair supplement

Much less expensive than implants, the hair supplement is a safe and risk-free way to regain hair immediately. Often judged, some prefer to think that shaving their head is much easier and that wearing a hair accessory is useless. Know that this is a booming field and that more and more people are interested in this hair method. Much more modern and undetectable, you will be able to live again. Yes you read correctly, using this term is a reality. Finding hair, being able to style your hair, going out without feeling uncomfortable, will help you in your daily life, so don't hide anymore!


You will find here, the recent testimonial of one of our users:

"I am 23 years old and have suffered from hereditary baldness for 5-6 years. Like many of you after inquiring about a hair transplant, I quickly made up my mind about the exorbitant price. I finally chose to hide this baldness with hair powder as well as wearing a cap every time you go out... In short, it was no longer tenable.Totally by chance, one day I came across a BYSIX video on YouTube , where the 'we see the mind-blowing transformations. I watch one, then two, then all of them. It was from that moment that I took my destiny into my own hands! I first contacted a BYSIX partner salon for an advice appointment, then I made the first order for my hair supplement! It changed my life, my daily life and my habits..."

Here is the reason why throughout its experience, the BYSIX brand tries to work with its users, by reading your comments as well as your different opinions. This is to satisfy you every day and thus develop a lasting relationship of trust.

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