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Wear a hair supplement when you are sporty

As you know, the hair supplement is inexpensive unlike other methods, but it also allows you to obtain an immediate and very natural result. You will therefore find hair in...

As you know, the hair supplement is inexpensive unlike other methods, but it also allows you to obtain an immediate and very natural result. So you will find hair in the blink of an eye 😉

In addition to being undetectable, the hair supplement absolutely does not prevent you from continuing your daily activities, quite the contrary!

The hair supplement has allowed wearers to regain self-confidence but also to improve their daily lives. In addition to these advantages, know that you will always be able to skydive, swim, or play sports. No, your hair prosthesis is not an excuse to stop exercising, I'm sorry 😊

If the sport and the hair supplement give you a feeling of well-being, then there is no need to give up one or the other.

The most important thing is to choose the ideal complement to your various activities. Many models are already available from our online store, so you will necessarily find the one that will be made for you! It is good for new wearers to know the details of each model in order to validate the one that will suit you. Hair prosthetists are also available to guide you as best as possible regarding the choice of your complement.

Water and hair supplement

Who says sport, says irreproachable fixation. Is the fear of seeing your hair complement coming off during physical exertion holding you back? Do not panic ! At BYSIX we have made available to you several blog articles or tips that you can also find from our help center , but also several products available in the online store, in order to fix your prosthesis as well as possible. Whether it is by hair resin, adhesive strips or even the mix of these two methods, everything is in place to guarantee you an optimal hold.

Physical activity with a hair prosthesis

You are probably wondering how the hair glue can hold up while you go to the swimming pool? The resins that we sell are made up of 90% water. Being waterproof, they will therefore resist water and perspiration. When fitting your hair prosthesis, it is important to respect a 48-hour delay so that the glue can solidify at the base of your complement and thus guarantee you optimal hold for about 3 to 5 weeks.

As you will have understood, wearing hair supplements will allow you to continue your daily life, all you need to do is choose the right method of attachment and follow the different steps. You should also know that we have been working for a long time on the implementation of our products. A very complete range, tested for some time by Sébastien, one of the founders of the brand. We look forward to introducing you to the BYSIX range!

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