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2020 year in review

The end of the year is approaching by leaps and bounds, and it will have been very delicate for a large number of people. This global pandemic has impacted many...

The end of the year is approaching by leaps and bounds, and it will have been very delicate for a large number of people. This global pandemic has impacted many countries, families, and businesses...

At BYSIX, we have also been greatly disrupted by this pandemic. Tailor-made confections delayed , out of stock on most of our models of prostheses... We had to adapt as best as possible in order to find solutions to allow you to receive your hair prostheses without altering our quality.

We know that the entire hair supplement industry has been extremely affected by this global pandemic, and we have a real thought for our colleagues who have found themselves in the same problem as us. Some brands have been forced to close permanently, due to the border blockade of Korea for almost a year.

Fortunately at BYSIX we do not simply use suppliers, but we operate on site thanks to our production manager who works alongside us. This allowed us to be able to recruit new technicians, who worked tirelessly to ensure that the situation was as less critical as possible.

Before taking stock of the various events that marked this year 2020, we wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you for your support, understanding and common sense. It is clear that all the collaborators at BYSIX have been very efficient and courageous, but we keep in mind all your messages of support and encouragement, which are always pleasant and heartwarming.

So we can now say goodbye to this year 2020 and welcome 2021 with great pleasure...

Retrospective of this year 2020

Despite the various restrictions, we have still kept our promises made at the start of 2020, and our various projects have, for the most part, been able to see the light of day.

BYSIX products

The long-awaited release of BYSIX hair products was a resounding success as we only received positive feedback. Hair products tested and approved by our toxicologist to allow better efficiency while being healthy for the skin. Mission accomplished! Since our hair products do not contain any harmful components for your health, while being very effective. The control of the European Commission has also proved positive and we are delighted.

We also wanted to be completely transparent about the composition of the products. This is why, you can find via this help center article , the meaning of each component present in our products.

BYSIX products and accessories

Anti-hunger program

A great novelty has also seen the light of day thanks to the commitment of BYSIX. For those who do not know it yet, BYSIX has been involved for several years now in the fight against hunger. This participation has therefore also been set up for all users wishing to make a donation to the organization "Share The Meal". You now have the option of donating €1, €3, €5 or even €10 in your shopping cart when validating your order.

Important precision, know that with 0.70€, it is possible to feed a child for a full day and to invest in the assistance of even more children in need.

Since its implementation recently, we have so far shared a total of 1029 meals! So we wanted to thank you for your generosity.

For more information on our commitment, discover our dedicated page .

BYSIX training comes to you!

A big change has also been made to BYSIX training , because for several months, Mathilde Ferrier , our partner located in Agen, has become a BYSIX representative trainer for all professionals in the center and south of France. She also travels with pleasure on site, in order to allow all professionals who cannot go to the head office, to benefit from personalized training.

Are you a professional and want to become a hair prosthetist? Do not hesitate to contact Mathilde in order to validate your training session, and take advantage of her kindness and her professionalism, to discover the hair prosthesis or simply to improve your skills in this field.

Our hair prosthetist Naolie will also soon represent our brand for on-site training. She can therefore, on request, travel throughout Belgium but also in the North of France in order to make you discover our different techniques as well as our models of hair prostheses.

Would you like to call on Naolie for a training session? Do not hesitate to consult her dedicated page and to contact her directly via this link .

Studio BYSIX

New partner salons

Thanks to the collaboration of our partner Mathilde Ferrier, we have already hosted two new shows in France. The first is the "Barber Kartel" salon which is located in Bordeaux and the second validated partner is the salon located in Orthez, "Fred Coiffeur Expert". But that's not all because several shows will soon be validated following the various training sessions carried out by Mathilde.

Two other partner salons have also been created. Let's start first with the Cesare salon , located in Saint-Raphaël in the south of France, a location that was very often requested. The second is our partner salon in Talange " Hair salon by Fanny " approved by our team, following the training carried out at the BYSIX head office.

It is clear that new partner salons will emerge in 2021, so stay tuned 🤫

BYSIX Partner Lounges

Although complex, this year 2020 will still have allowed us to realize the various projects that were planned. We will always try to evolve in order to bring you the best hair supplement.

Do not hesitate to frequently consult this page which is dedicated to updates and new features. It is updated quite often by our team and makes it easy to visualize the various changes.

It only remains for us to wish you a very happy new year 2021, filled with joy, success, but above all, health! Take care and see you next year 😉

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