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An extreme fixation

What if today we were talking about fixing your hair supplement? Whether you've been a supplement carrier for years, brand new to the field, or expecting this change in the...

What if today we were talking about fixing your hair supplement?

Whether you've been a supplement carrier for years, brand new to the field, or expecting this change in the next few days, there's one important point to remember: Fixing!

Today I'm talking to you in detail about the new Power full hair glue created by BYSIX. It made its appearance in June 2020, so we can say that it is brand new on the market. It was tested for almost a year before being marketed because it was important to ensure that all wearers could benefit from lasting resistance!

powerful hair glue power full bysix

His power

Compared to the Ghost Bond Platinum, the Power full is almost 3 times more fixing. Users with oily skin and acid perspiration unfortunately could not benefit from a hold beyond two weeks. With the Power full it is possible. We especially appreciate its very high resistance to water and perspiration.

Hold: 5/5
Water resistance: 5/5
Ease of maintenance: 4/5

Water repellent glue

Quesaco? You do well to ask! This is a term that means that this product is waterproof, that it protects against humidity. In other words, this hair resin continues to stick, even in contact with water. That's why we can't rate it 5 out of 5 for ease of maintenance. We recommend using a hair solvent to simplify cleaning, because with clear water it will be (almost) mission impossible.

Did you say blue?

The question that is most often asked concerns the color of this new hair glue. Blue is actually not common for this type of product. But it is important to remember the reasons for this color:

  • The visibility. It may seem trivial, but when applying white or transparent hair glue, it can be quite tricky to clearly visualize the areas where the product has already been applied. The blue color gives an overview of the glued areas. We reassure you all the same, after a few moments, the blue disappears!

  • The drying time. As you know, to obtain optimal fixation, it is important to allow the hair glue to dry for almost ten minutes on the scalp or on the base. Conclusion, if during the installation, you still see the blue color, it's a bad sign! The drying time will not have been sufficient and the hold will not be really optimal over time.

Your skin type

Power full glue is suitable for all skin types. Whether your scalp is dry or oily, this hair glue will be ideal for you. It is important to remember that the fixing time will simply depend on the acidity of your perspiration.

If you have a rather dry scalp and very low acid perspiration, then you can easily achieve a 4-5 week hold without problems. In the case of an oily scalp, the estimated fixation will be 3 to 4 weeks. It will always be possible to extend the fixing time by retouching the front edge.

In addition to this hair glue, you can opt for the new Ready to boost skin preparer. The combo of these two products will be ideal.

The composition

There is nothing worse when buying a hair or skin product than having to look for the composition and decipher the meaning of the different ingredients.

BYSIX is very clear about this, the composition must be public and transparent for each user! The composition of this hair glue is very simple and healthy:

  • Ethyl acetate: This is a solvent allowing the glue not to fix when it is locked up. Once the glue comes into contact with the air and water present in the product, the ethyl acetate (hydrolyses) evaporates. It also makes it possible not to fix too quickly, which would make the installation very difficult.

  • Ethylene: It is a fixing agent which allows the cohesion of different cosmetic ingredients and which promotes the emulsification process and improves the stability and shelf life of the product. It also makes it possible to produce a continuous film on the skin. This component is used in most lipsticks and nail polishes.

  • Aqua: It is simply the water that is strongly present in this product and is necessary for the skin.

These components are approved by the European Commission and are very healthy for the skin. It should also be remembered that this hair glue is Made in France and not tested on animals 🖤

Do not hesitate to approach one of our partner salons in order to be advised about your binding. If you want to order your hair glue online, it's here.

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