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Change for BYSIX training

It is with pleasure that I announce that the BYSIX training is getting a new look. Despite a delicate situation caused by the global pandemic, several projects are emerging, including...

It is with pleasure that I announce that the BYSIX training is getting a new look. Despite a delicate situation caused by the global pandemic , several projects are emerging, including on-site training.

In discussion for several months now, on-site training has started for some hairdressing professionals who cannot travel to the head office. The founders of the BYSIX brand have therefore decided to set up on-site sessions so that our team can go directly to the salon so that professionals can benefit from our know-how.

Finding this system much more convenient for hairdressing professionals, we have therefore officially stopped the sessions at the head office. Naolie, our trainer and representative, can then travel throughout Belgium as well as in the north of France and Luxembourg. Mathilde, our second representative, travels from the center to the south of France as well as in Spain.

Certain localities may also be accepted depending on the professional's request. In this case, contacting our trainer will let you know if the training can take place. Soon, training is planned in Martinique.

More complete sessions, since we offer professionals different possibilities and we focus only on each participant and no longer on a complete group of professionals. We therefore have the complete training for hairdressers wishing to discover and train in this field. Or, the discovery day for hair technicians wishing to refresh their skills or learn more about our different application techniques.

The complete training

What does on-site training offer? In addition to having this practical side, it is also very complete because you have the opportunity to obtain all the information for the launch of your activity as a hair prosthetist as well as our different installation techniques.

The first part of the session consists of discovering our different models of supplements as well as the possible options. Density, color or base thickness, everything is perfectly detailed during this morning.

The second part is dedicated to practice because you will perform a complete pose on your model. You will start first with the realization of the imprint, the cut and the installation of the complement, then finally, you will be able to style your model according to the result desired by this one.

At the end of this day, a starter kit will be offered to you so that you can begin your new activity. This includes a hair resin as well as an applicator brush, a skin primer to solidify the hold of the supplement for users who tend to sweat easily, then a hair solvent to perform monthly maintenance.

The model search will be done directly by the professional, however, the equipment used for training such as the malleable head as well as the fixing products will be made available by our hair prosthetist during the session.

Discovery day

You are a hairdressing professional and already a hair prosthetist but you want to discover our different installation techniques? Note that a discovery day is also possible. Our prosthetist is then at your side and accompanies you for a day to advise you and give you the best tips for your poses and interviews.

This day is ideal for professionals wishing to get up to speed after stopping this activity. A very complete day for those who already have experience in the field or who wish to obtain an overview of the profession.

Our trainer will provide you with a malleable head for cutting hair accessories as well as the various products, in order to allow your users to find the ideal attachment for them.

Would you like to book your training session with one of our hair technicians? Confirm your telephone appointment now with the representative closest to your area.

You can book your training session here!

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