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The wait is over!

You've been waiting for them for a long time, they have arrived! The entire BYSIX team is delighted to present its new range of products for your hair supplements. This...

You've been waiting for them for a long time, they have arrived! The entire BYSIX team is delighted to present its new range of products for your hair supplements . This beginning of summer promises to be filled with novelties, changes and all this, for your greatest happiness.

Let's start with the most awaited novelties of our users, BYSIX hair products. A complete routine allowing you to carry out your installation as well as your interviews.

Here is the new product launch teaser.

Power full hair glue

Power Full hair glue

First, let me introduce you to the new Power full hair resin ! Tested for several months on many BYSIX users, our new hair resin has already conquered more than one. Fixing more powerful than all the other hair glues that you can know, the Power full glue will allow an exceptional hold in all circumstances.

No, you're not dreaming ! Our hair glue is actually blue which sets it apart from other fixing products on the market. You will recognize it in the blink of an eye 😉

But rest assured, once dry, it becomes completely invisible. We wanted to be transparent with our users about the components of our products. This is why you can already find all the compositions and the origin of each product on the different pages of the store, but also via this link in the help center . The entire BYSIX product range is cruelty-free and made in Europe.

Don't wait any longer and let yourself be tempted by these three formats. The 20 ml travel size will allow you to take this mini-bottle everywhere to be able to do your touch-ups at any time. The larger format of 50 ml meanwhile, will allow you to perform several poses and interviews of your prostheses. It is therefore the essential format to have at home. The large format allows you to carry out your poses and interviews more durably. If you want to keep your hair glue longer, then the 150ml bottle is for you!

Ready to boost skin preparer

Ready To Boost Skin Prep

Who says prolonged fixing, says skin preparer! Do you sweat quite easily or do regular physical activity? Our scalp protector will perfectly meet your expectations.

Combined with the Power full glue, it will optimize the hold of your hair prosthesis. How does it work? The Ready to boost will prepare your skin for fixing the hair supplement by regulating perspiration. Available in 236 ml format for very long-lasting use.

For best results, we recommend spraying a small amount of product on a clean cloth and quickly wiping the previously shaved area. Then, apply the hair resin as usual.

Little more ! Its very pleasant smell will take you on a journey and change you from the usual smells that you can find in certain products.

Take it off hair solvent

Take It Off Hair Remover

For a complete routine, the hair solvent is also essential, since it allows you to carry out your interviews while respecting your skin and your hair prosthesis.

Designed solely from two components, soybean oil methyl ester and water, the Take it off product will be ideal for removing your glue residue without harming your skin.

Applicator brushes

BYSIX Applicator Brushes

The BYSIX applicator brush allows a better application of the hair resin. Made of silicone, its tip will be much more practical and hygienic than the usual brushes (with bristles or foam). Also more resistant, the BYSIX brush can be kept for a long time. It is therefore not necessary to renew your purchase of brushes every month.

As at BYSIX we like to work on the smallest detail, we have also thought about your alterations! Also discover the precision brush that will be perfect for your touch-ups or the finishing touches to your hairline.

The release of our hair products was an important point for us and it marks the beginning of a long series of new ranges...

A very long process, which requires time and sometimes readjustments. However, we are delighted today to make you discover them. Hoping that you are as satisfied as we are with this novelty! 🖤

The new online store

Hair products are not the only novelty that we wanted to share with you because we have also set up a new online store that is more fun and practical for our users.

If you are used to ordering from BYSIX, you know that we have an online store but also a website independent of our store full of information on our various products. So we wanted to bring it all together on a single page. It's done ! You can now find all the information in one place.

New connection

This new store will also have several advantages, such as the connection link to connect to your account.

What about? Let's be honest, how many times in your life have you clicked "forgot password"? Well from now on, for BYSIX store, you won't ask this kind of question anymore.

This is a single link connection. This method allows you not to forget your password (since there is none) and makes it easier for you to access your account. All you have to do is enter your e-mail address and click on "Get a connection link", in order to receive the magic link in your mailbox. Click! You are connected !

This method makes it easier to log in without having to constantly reset your password. More efficiency, security and reliability, that's all we wanted for this new store.

Small important point that I wanted to share with you because all orders made before June 2020 will no longer be accessible to our users. Rest assured, we obviously keep a copy of your orders. At your request, we can then send them to you by e-mail. And of course, your current orders will be processed normally.

Easy to order

Making a tailor-made order will be more practical because you now have the possibility of including visuals from your order. Previously, you had to send them to us by e-mail so that we could send the photos to our technicians. Now everything is done directly in the command.

Do you want to obtain a wave identical to a model that you appreciate? This is now possible thanks to the additional option "Attach a file".

New loyalty program

As you may have noticed, the old loyalty program had been undergoing maintenance for several months, in order to offer better advantages to our users.

From now on, when you place an order from our online store, it will no longer be possible to accumulate loyalty points. On the other hand, we have set up Passes allowing individuals and professionals to benefit from more attractive advantages.

The VIP pass


This privilege allows you to constantly obtain many advantages:

  • Constant discounts when shopping.
  • Free returns via a specific portal.
  • Combinable with current discounts (promo codes, sales, etc.).
  • Without engagement.

For more information about the VIP Pass, follow this link to the information page .

The PRO pass

BYSIX Pro Pass

Dedicated solely to hairdressing professionals, the Pass PRO offers more substantial financial benefits. Previously, only our partner salons and resellers benefited from preferential rates. From now on, all professionals can be eligible for this privilege.

Click here to find out more.

It is true that all these new features can make your head spin, but rest assured, our team remains available to answer all your questions by phone at +33970709979, via our online chat or by e-mail at support@

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