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COVID-19: One year later, what evolution?

It has been more than a year since the global pandemic started impacting the whole world. Individuals or professionals, we have all been affected by COVID-19. The field of hair...

It has been more than a year since the global pandemic started impacting the whole world. Individuals or professionals, we have all been affected by COVID-19.

The field of hair supplements has also been strongly marked by this pandemic. Consequent shortages of stocks, extended lead times, increased production costs... One year after the start, what is the situation today? How is this situation evolving? Let's take stock together.


As you may have seen from our online store, the shipping time has been extended due to the closure of trade borders in Korea. Shipments of standard hair prostheses in pre-order within 15 to 40 days and 10 to 14 weeks for custom-made confections.

The delay on made-to-measure confections starting to become more important, we have therefore taken the decision to suspend the production of the tulle models (Total HD, U-Pro, O-Pro and D-Pro) because this type of complement requires a specific implantation technique, which considerably slowed down the manufacture of supplements.

So-called non-standard options such as hair lengths greater than 30cm and confections with a footprint greater than 20x25cm, have also been temporarily suspended. Several initiatives have therefore been taken to remedy this rather significant delay for our users.

After several negotiations, we have recently obtained a partial reopening of our old production, which allows us to proceed with the manufacture and shipment of certain models much more quickly. However, the deadlines remain unchanged for the moment, the time for our team to find a perfectly stable situation.

This important and reassuring point allows us to look more calmly at the next few months and the end of this pandemic!

Pricing increase

Important change during this pandemic: The tariff increase !

Indeed, following the pandemic, the production cost of hair prostheses has increased, which is why we had to adapt to the current market cost.

For the moment, there is no change on this side, because a visit to China is mandatory to finalize the models of prostheses, however, as soon as the situation allows it, we will of course be able to resume the initial pricing.

Internal organization

The internal organization was also readjusted. Since telework has been present since the beginning of this pandemic, it is possible to notice a prolonged response time regarding the updating of orders.

Customer service hours have also been changed. If you wish to reach our customer service (by e-mail, telephone, chat, etc.), do not hesitate to consult this dedicated page on which we mention the adapted opening times and exceptional closures.

What about today ?

The situation began to unblock only from April, starting with the faster shipping of pre-orders.

Thanks to the partial reopening of our old production, we have been able to regain a more sustained pace, whether for stock replenishment or the making of custom-made hair prostheses.

By the end of the summer, we therefore hope that the situation will be able to return to normal in order to allow our users to receive their hair prostheses in a more suitable time.

We would like to thank our users for their patience and their understanding during this delicate period, then, let's not forget, our BYSIX customer service employees who were very responsive and attentive to the various directives.

Finally, know that the year 2021 will be rich in novelties, despite the Covid, our teams were able to continue the various achievements that were planned.

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