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4 good resolutions

The first month of this new year is already almost over and if, like us, you have not yet opted for new hair resolutions, the BYSIX brand gives you some...

The first month of this new year is already almost over and if, like us, you have not yet opted for new hair resolutions, the BYSIX brand gives you some ideas to optimize the life of your hair supplement .

Maintain your hair complement

We all have a shampoo that we wouldn't change for the world... Its texture, its smell, a real pleasure! And yet it is essential to change regularly. Strange you say! But know that the reason is very simple. The hair gets used to the formula of the product and its effectiveness gradually decreases. The hair of the hair supplement, although of very high quality, remains a lifeless hair, so it is important to take care of it using nourishing and moisturizing shampoos. For optimal cleaning of your hair supplement, we recommend performing 3 to 4 shampoos per week. There are so many different lines of hair products that you don't know which one to choose? At BYSIX we have our preferences: The Garnier Ultra Doux Coconut and the B-app restructuring shampoo .

Provide the right care

Know that having hair in great shape is a rather simple job. Weakened on a daily basis between pollution, cold, styling products... They will need all your attention in order to stay healthy. Therefore, do not hesitate to fill your hair with conditioners, hair masks, or even with dry oils to apply to wet or dry hair. These products will allow your hair to withstand any daily tests such as the hair dryer or straighteners.

Caring for your hair also involves brushing. Yes gentlemen! This milestone isn't just for women. Brushing your hair gently and without forcing is very important because thanks to this daily gesture, it will allow you to remove all the residues of hair products that you have used for your hairstyle. Thus the hair will be relieved of all impurities and will finally be able to breathe. It is best to brush your hair morning and evening.

Optimize fixation

Performing maintenance on time is a crucial phase in the longevity of your hair prosthesis. Remove its add-on to clean the base of hair glue residue, shave hair regrowth... Once back in place, you're done, you're back for 4 weeks.

The hygiene of your hair supplement and the care you give your hair are the keys to optimal durability. It is true that sometimes we do not want to carry out all these steps in the morning before leaving for work or even after a long day... However, abandoning your hair supplement is a one-way ticket to its degradation. this. Forget the ready-made ideas like: "I'm not going to wash my hair so as not to damage it" or "I'm not going to touch my hair extension to prevent it from coming off".

Know that it is possible for you to live normally if you choose the right fixing products .

Anticipate the making

We repeat it very often, it is important to have a hair prosthesis in advance in order to anticipate possible problems. This is not a commercial argument to encourage you to buy, don't worry! We just want to allow you to avoid complex situations. We often see this kind of situation for our users who carry out the monthly maintenance themselves.

If you opt for a made-to-measure garment, it will be all the more important to anticipate the production because, as you know, the made-to-measure is made within several weeks.

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